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What, Exactly, is a Biological Conflict?

Conventional (and most alternative) medicine is founded in the principle that feeling bad or unwell or having a symptom is the result of something being wrong with your body.

There are two reasons why this is incorrect.

1. Illness comes from inside the body (not from outside forces).

Our problems are not a result of things happening to us. As pervasive as this idea is, it's a victim mentality. Blaming others, blaming invisible forces such as microscopic organisms, or even blaming the sun that is the source of all life energy on Earth keeps us powerless to help ourselves.

Germs do not cause sickness. If they did, everyone who was exposed to the same germs (which is ...everyone) would get the same sickness at the same time.

Carcinogens don't cause cancer. If they did, everyone who was exposed to the carcinogens would get the same cancers. For example, if the carcinogens in tobacco products caused lung cancer, then all or most tobacco users would get lung cancer. (Only about 10% of smokers are diagnosed with lung cancer)

Allergens don't cause allergic reactions. If they did, then we would all be allergic to the same things. We would become allergic as soon as we were exposed to the allergens, we would get more and more allergic as time went by, and nobody would ever get over their allergies.

Heavy metals don't cause autism. If they did, then everyone who ever received a vaccine or worked in a mine or auto plant would have autism.

Addictive substances don't cause addiction. If they did, everyone who had a couple drinks would be an alcoholic, everyone who was ever around tobacco smoke would be a smoker, and everyone who ever played cards for money would be blowing their paycheque at the casino right now.

No external agent can cause your body to produce an illness.

2. Illness happens because of your personal need (not from genetic predispositions or anatomical defects in your body).

The idea that illness can't be caused from the outside is easily refuted by pointing out that when a bunch of people expose themselves to the same outside situation, most if not all of them fail to get sick. And those that do get sick will get sick in different ways from each other.

But, as a culture, we like to put the blame on something or someone by default. So, being unable to blame the world out there, we blame ourselves.

This self-blame, self-devaluation, and self abuse is collectively referred to as our "risk factors."

In this incorrect concept of having something wrong with our bodies "makes" us sick, something evil in the world out there combines with a flaw in our bone structure, our genes, our brain structure, the number of years since our birth, or some other aspect of the way we are built and that's what makes us sick.

Again, this is bullshit and science has already disproved the notion.

Genes are not the control centres of your body. They're copy centres.
Genes, like every other part of the cell, change to respond to the cellular environment.
If you remove the genes from a cell, nothing happens. The cell behaves normally. It just can't make a copy of itself in order to reproduce.
Your body uses this principle to produce more cells when necessary, and to shut down cell production when necessary.
Sickness also doesn't come from mechanical flaws in the body. For example, arthritis is not caused by something being wrong with the shape or angle of the bones. Multiple sclerosis isn't caused by something being wrong with the chemistry or shape of nerves.
In fact, measurable chemical or anatomical changes in the body (so-called "flaws") are the result of arthritis and multiple sclerosis, not the cause of them.
And it's the same for every illness, from obesity to otitis media.
So if sickness isn't caused by problems with your anatomy - either from agents outside your body or because of a flaw in the body itself - then what does cause sickness?

Every symptom is created by your own brain in response to a threat to your safety.

The foundational premise of my work is that every symptom has a good reason. It is not a random event that has arisen out of a combination of bad luck and malevolent forces.

Symptoms, problems, illnesses, challenges ...are your brain and body's appropriate response to a biological conflict, personal trauma, or shocking experience.

Conflicts which affect our bodies and brains are those experiences which threaten our survival in some way.

How, exactly, does this work?

Imagine that you have a pain in your finger.
With conventional (and most alternative) medicine, your first step will be to go and get tests.
The tests will show that your finger is swollen and has a high level of white blood cells. Your finger is warm, the fluid balance in your finger is different from normal, there are more dermis cells in your finger than normal, and there is muscle tension in your finger.  Your finger also has a weird shape, with a sort of indentation and a black line going from the outside of your finger toward the inside of your finger.
Tests also reveal that there are traces of non-human cells in the sample sent for biopsy. These foreign cells seem to resemble plant material, but results aren't conclusive. (Please donate. Together we'll find the cure!)
The doctor puts a pressure bandage and ice on your finger, uses a needle to draw the fluid out of your finger to reduce pressure, injects your finger with antibiotics, does physiotherapy on your finger to relax it, prescribes pain killers, and splints your finger so that you won't touch anything. If it's a naturopathic doctor, she also prescribes a variety of nutritional supplements to help you improve your general sense of well being.
These therapies do help your finger to feel better. You are able to focus on other things again.
But the disease progresses. Doctors haven't found a genetic connection yet, but it is believed to be hereditary. Your sister and two of your uncles also had finger pain.
After a while, you're doing all kinds of therapies, but your whole hand and arm are sore and stiff and splinted and don't work. You can't do anything properly anymore. This disease takes up most of your attention. Your career is a mess. Your whole family has had to make changes to be able to live with this illness.
To cope with this tragedy, you've joined a support group for people with arm pain, and you've started meditating every day. That's kinda nice. You wouldn't have found these wonderful new friends and your own inner peace if it hadn't been for the tragedy of your Arm Pain Disease. So there's the silver lining.
Conventional (and most alternative) medicine will just keep testing your chemicals and genes and muscle strength and fluid balance. And will keep increa$ing the therapie$.
After a while, you can't stand it anymore. All your money is going toward trying to ease the pain. You have no more social life. You can't work. Everything seems meaningless.
So, after consulting with your doctors and estimating your risk factors, you decide to remove your whole arm before the problem "spreads" to the rest of your body.

Or you could address the real source of the problem: the biological conflict.

I help people remove the conflict that is causing the problem in the first place.
Your debilitating Arm Pain Disease is not caused by a lack of supplements or a change in your genes. Your Arm Pain Disease isn't a result of you not having a big enough splint or you not doing enough physiotherapy.
The real source of your symptom is a biological conflict: you've got a thorn jammed in your finger and you have not removed it.
(If only there was a way to resolve this trauma! Please donate. Together we'll find the cure!)

There is a solution to your symptom.

Every symptom you are currently experiencing - from constipation to cancer, from anger to arthritis - is the result of a biological conflict.
The conflict could be a loss of an important person in your life. It could be a problem that you're having in meeting your financial needs. It might be a threat of someone or something causing you harm.
It is some kind of metaphorical thorn in your metaphorical finger. (Or it could even be a real thorn jammed in your actual finger)
Overall, there are about 500 different types of biological conflicts (now aka "thorns"). Every symptom is a result of one of them.
If you've got a symptom, it means there is some kind of "thorn" in your life. Your body is trying to help you get it out.
Wouldn't you like to discover what your "thorn" is ...and yank it out?
Quickly find and resolve the true source of your health symptom by booking a consultation.


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