What, Exactly, is a Biological Conflict?

The health industry springs from a paradigm that a symptom is the result of something wrong with your body.

Dr. Hamer discovered that this is completely backward.

A symptom is the result of your body doing what it needs to do in response to a biological conflict.

But the health industry doesn’t know about biological conflicts. And it can’t know about biological conflicts.

(Because it has a paradigm that says a symptom is the result of something wrong with you body)

There are two reasons we know the health industry’s paradigm is wrong. The first is:

1. There is No Poisoning, Injury, or Malnutrition to “Cause” the Symptom

The health industry has a very long history of victim mentality. Blaming others, blaming invisible microbes, blaming the sun that’s the source of all life on Earth. As though living beings are nothing but fragile machines, powerless against myriad evil mechanical forces swirling around us, constantly trying to “get” us.

Mechanical disease-causing forces (so-called “disease vectors” or “pathogens”) do not exist.

How do we know this? Because we have 99.9% identical DNA. If symptoms come from external forces attacking and injuring our bodies, everyone exposed to them would get exactly the same symptoms. But we don’t:

  • if germs caused illness, everyone in the same building, neighbourhood, and community would come down sick at once. Yet we call it an “epidemic” when only 2-8% of the people have the symptom.
  • if carcinogens caused cancer, everyone exposed to a carcinogen would get the same cancers. Yet only about 10% of tobacco users – the most famous “carcinogen” of all – get a primary lung cancer diagnosis.
  • if allergens caused allergic reactions, then everyone would be allergic to the same things from first exposure. Yet 1-13% of people are allergic to a specific food, or a type of insect sting, or springtime pollen. And rate of allergy decreases with age and exposure.
  • if heavy metals caused autism, then everyone who ever received a vaccine or dental fillings or worked in a mine or auto plant would have autism, rather than 1.7% of us.
  • if addictive substances caused addiction, then everyone would be addicted to everything. Instead, about 6% of drinkers are alcoholics, fewer than 10% of people exposed to tobacco smoke are addicted smokers, and fewer than 2% of people who’ve played card or videogames are prone to blowing their paycheques on gambling.

No external agent can cause your body to produce an illness.

  • and genes don’t cause genetic syndromes. If they did, every person with the gene would have the illness. Instead, so-called genetic or chromosomal disorders manifest as “disease” in less than 2% of the population.

Symptoms do not result from any form of injury or damage to the body, including inherent body flaws.

The second reason we know the health industry’s belief that symptoms are the result of something wrong with the body is:

2. Symptoms Begin Before Body Changes

The health industry’s deterministic need to blame something physical for our symptoms means that if we can’t blame the world out there, we blame ourselves.

It must be that a flaw in our bones, brain, personality, genes, upbringing, or wear and tear over time (aging) makes us vulnerable. That must be why only some people get sick from those things.


Wrong again. Science has been disproving mechanical determinism since 1887

It turns out that the physical changes – including those changes the health industry blames for symptoms – occur after the initiating event.

And the initiating event is non-physical. In other words, an event occurs in consciousness first, and the physical body responds after.

We see the result of this phenomenon everywhere in science now. Science has shown that genes aren’t the control centres of our bodies (they’re copy centres for cell proteins). Science has shown that germs don’t cause contagious illness (people can have illness without the germs, and germs without the illness). Science has even shown that women develop the breast cancer gene after having breast cancer. 

So we know that symptoms are not caused by something wrong with the body because,

  1. nothing is physically causing the symptom, and
  2. the symptom begins before the physical changes occur.

What Dr. Hamer Learned

Every symptom is part of a biological response to traumatic stress.

A “biological conflict” is your full-system response to a traumatic stress experience that you have had.

This stress must be serious, acute, and isolating. It must be an event in your life, not an idea that arose in your mind. Something that you believe has occurred which is a potential threat to your wellbeing in some way.

It could be a threat of deprivation of home, food, water, or air.

It could be threat of attack against your body, inside or out, by poison, filth, fire, or sharp objects.

It could be an experience that shows you that you are incapable of ensuring your own wellbeing in some way. An intellectual, aesthetic, performance, agility, strength, energy, speed, or other self-devaluation conflict.

It could be a threat of loss of territory or of an important relationship due to separation, rejection, or aggression.

Whatever the biological conflict, it is full-system. The traumatic stress occurs in the psyche …as well as in the brain and in the body (which are the “hardware” that carry out physical tasks on behalf of the psyche).

As long as that trauma remains unresolved, it sits in the non-conscious mind, and the brain coordinates a response in the body to compensate for and attempt to resolve the trauma. In order to protect your wellbeing and ensure your survival.

We call unresolved traumatic stress “biological conflict” because it is not conscious. This is different from psychological stress, which occurs consciously. You’re aware of psychological stress and that it’s occurring. Psychogical stress is stress you experience while watching a scary movie or reading a romantic book. You know that you’re imagining the conflict, because you know that these events are not real.

But biological conflict is based on real events. You can’t flip to the end to see how it all turns out nicely. 

These are events that very much might not turn out nicely.

Biological conflicts can’t be set aside like psychological conflicts. So they’re stored biologically, in much the same way that a computer stores files. We can think of a biological conflict as a special computer program running in our “biocomputer” system. And that is why Dr. Hamer used the term “Special biological programs of Nature” instead of “illness,” “disease,” or “symptom.”

The health industry doesn’t see biological conflicts. It sees “something wrong with the body.” All a health professional with this belief can do is keep testing your chemicals and genes and muscle strength and fluid balance:


Trying to fix your symptom by finding something wrong in your body

And trying one treatment after another until you either give up or …have to give up.

A New Approach

There are about 500 different biological conflicts (and corresponding special biological programs of Nature). Every symptom is a result of one of them. If you’ve got a symptom, it means you’ve experienced a traumatic stress about something real that actually happened to you or to your world.

Your first step to healing is to take control: identify that traumatic stress experience to which your symptom is a response. Then resolve that biological conflict. Then nurture yourself as you get better.

Heal by resolving the biological conflict

It’s simple, it’s fast, and it works.

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