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The Five Natural Laws of Healing Guidebook

5 Laws Guidebook

Everyone knows prevention is WORLDS better than a cure. But what if it's too late for that?

Put your effort into getting better instead. 

Get my free Guidebook to find out why "prevention" is a demoralizing myth ...and find out how to seize control over your health issue.

Even if both conventional and alternative treatment have failed you.

Even if you're starting to lose hope.

After reading this Guidebook, you'll know how to:

✔︎ trace the real cause of your health issue (hint: it's not germs, genes, or toxins!)

✔︎ intervene in the metabolic processes of illness and healing (whether it's physical or so-called "mental" or "emotional" illness!)

✔︎ seize control to make yourself better (you've had the power all along!)


About the Author

I suffered from many chronic, debilitating, and scary health issues, including blood sugar problems, crippling back pain, and panic attacks. My symptoms also compounded one another, and I kept adding new ones. For years, nothing in conventional or alternative health provided answers ...and I began to give up hope. Then doctors discovered a tumour on my ovary just before my son was born with a developmental disability.

I began a full scientific investigation into the Five Natural Laws of Healing and the "mind-body connection." I completely turned my life around. I seized control and got myself better.

Now I want that for you.

Lishui Springford

Susan P.

“I am so grateful that my endless personal research landed me to this work. I believe it answered all the whys the medical community couldn't.”

Diana H.

“I am no longer afraid of cancer because I know exactly what to do.”


"Like everyone, I still get challenges but now I don't need to be rescued. I understand my symptoms. I trust my body."

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