The 1st Natural Law of Healing (Video)

You mean I’m creating my symptoms?

As I learned the Five Natural Laws of Healing, I realized that I make my symptoms. And for really good reasons. Just like you’re creating your symptoms for really good reasons.

Every symptom is an appropriate biological response to an unresolvd traumatic shock experience.

What’s a traumatic shock experience?

It’s the sudden realization, triggered by your experience of an event, that things are different from how you need them to be to feel safe.

Your body does whatever your brain tells it to do. Your brain only knows what to do because your psyche (your unconscious mind) gives it instructions. 

So if your psyche says, “There is a threat to my safety or security in this situation,” then your brain accepts, without question, that there is a threat and it instantly sets the appropriate system of your body to work on the problem. This initiates a special biological program that you may, at some point experience as a symptom.

It’s an Iron Rule: every symptom originates inside you, without exception. Discovered in the early 1980’s by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer at a teaching hospital in Europe, this law was initially called “The Iron Rule of Cancer.” However, Dr. Hamer soon realized that this rule applies to every symptom from allergies to Zlotogora.

This law gives us the key to our healing: resolve the conflict, and the program runs its course. The symptom goes away all by itself.

You can feel confident about this, because natural law cannot be broken. Watch the video to find out how it works:

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