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Symptom-Clearing With the MindTree Integration Process™

As our biological conflicts accumulate without resolution, they collect and interact with each other in a layered, branching structure that I call "the MindTree." All of our conflicts connect to one another and influence one another, which makes it a real mess to try to sort out on our own.

But because the conflicts are organized into this layered, branching structure, it actually makes resolving them simpler.

I designed my consultation sessions identify and resolve your conflicts one symptom or problem at a time using a communication technique called the MindTree Integration Process™.

My goals in your session

• discover why you're creating your symptom

• resolve the trauma experience that the symptom is a response to

• give you a rapid alleviation of the mental-emotional aspects of your symptom

• turn your “problem” into a “project.”

• minimize any healing symptoms of the physical aspects of your symptom

MindTree Integration is a powerful communication technique we use one-on-one in an online video chat. The work starts at the surface of your MindTree and works its way inward to the core problem.

We always begin with surface problems, your day-to-day "strategies" for relating to the world with the burden of unresolved conflicts you're currently carrying.

As we progress (both in session and from one session to the next) we soon find ourselves working on underlying "stories" of self-devaluation. These core negative beliefs about yourself are the real reason why you develop surface-level symptoms.

When we successfully resolve self-devaluation issues, we're able to discover and resolve the deep "survival" issues which set us up to create these self-devaluation stories in the first place.

Since your unresolved conflicts are all connected to one another in your MindTree, your top problem at the moment is the sum total or overall result ("emergent property") of your entire MindTree. By working on your top problem right now, we're simultaneously working on all your problems right now.

This booking system will set up our agreement for service, help you to book the session at a time that works for you, process your payment, and send you a reminder of your session. Once you book, you'll receive the link and instructions for getting to the online meeting location for our session. This information will be sent out again in your reminder e-mail.

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