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Unresolved traumatic stress experiences (biological conflicts) influence and compound each another. They also set you up for more biological conflicts:

  • an unresolved survival trauma sets us up for self-devaluation traumas as we develop a story about why the survival trauma happened to us
  • an unresolved self-devaluation trauma sets us up for territorial and relating traumas: our "strategies" for trying to meet our survival needs.
  • an unresolved territorial or relating trauma sets us up for more self-devaluation and survival traumas: the fallout from toxic relationships.

I call the branching interrelationship between our unresolved traumas, "the MindTree."

The way to heal symptoms is to resolve traumas.

It's difficult to solve one symptom without also working on the rest of them. Yet this is what the health industry - conventional and even most "alternative" medicine - tries to do.

MindTree Integration is a process of resolving all your issues by working on the top problem of the moment. In sessions, I help people using a structured communication process to resolve the traumas that make up the MindTree. Generally speaking, we begin with the outside of the MindTree, and work our way inward and downward.

Although we cannot resolve your entire MindTree in one session, you will begin to feel better as soon as you begin the work. This is because perspective gives you control.

Your 60-90 minute session will take place online. You'll need a private place where you won't be interrupted. You'll also need a device with camera, microphone, and a stable Internet connection. You'll receive the link for the video chatroom as soon as you complete your session booking.

NOTICE: the private 1:1 session is not a medical or other professional health service. By booking this session, you are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age and that you have understood and accepted the MindTree Health Terms and Conditions.

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