Radical Self-Healing (Podcast)

If you don’t know how your car works, you drive at the mercy of the auto mechanic. When the dashboard lights come on or your car makes a funny sound, you have to fork over your money. By the grace of the mechanic, that car will get you to work tomorrow so you can make money for your next car repair.

What if you knew the basics of how your car works? What if you could figure out why it’s making that squeak or jiggle or weird smell?

You could go to the parts store and fix the problem yourself. You’d recognize the beginning of problems and correct them before they become serious. You could extend the life of your car by years!

Today’s health care industry is mechanistic and reactionary. Other than how to get the oil changed and how to drive well, we don’t learn much about keeping the car “healthy.” In more than half of all illnesses, the health industry has no real solution. (Some studies actually indicate that #3 cause of death in North America is the health industry)

The reason for this poor rate of success is the health industry looks for something wrong with your body. Treatments revolve around physical, mechanical “fixes.”

But your body doesn’t create symptoms because it’s broken. Every symptom, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, is generated by your body as a response to a traumatic shock.

When you know the real reason for your symptom, you have a much higher chance of resolving it. Listen to “Radical Self-Healing” now to discover how we can heal any symptom right at its source.

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