How Your Mind Controls Your Body

Every cell in your body responds to its environment. And its environment is created by your brain. Through a complex system of electrochemical and hormonal feedback mechanism, your brain creates and controls the environment of your cells.

When you experience a traumatic stress, it doesn’t affect your cells. An allergen doesn’t hurt your nose or throat. A carcinogen doesn’t damage your DNA. Stress at work doesn’t collect in your adrenal glands. Only injury, poisoning, malnutrition, or supplemental hormones directly impact your body.

Traumatic stress is something that occurs in your brain when your brain realizes that there’s a threat in your environment. And then your brain sends electrochemical and hormonal signals to your body cells.

The Health Industry Creates an Artificial Rift Between Mind and Body

Health professionals – conventional and alternative – divide you up into mind, body, and brain. (Soul an optional add-on)

In fact, thought, nervous system, and cells are aspects of one system: your “organism.” They are as indivisible from one another as the Sun is from our solar system.

Yet, just as the experts ignored the solar system’s true order before the Scientific Revolution, health professionals ignore your organism’s true order today.

Think of an “Organism” as a “Wet Computer System”

Your brain is an information processing system. It uses your sensory equipment to detect sight, sound, sensation, smell, and taste.

Like any other computer, your brain runs those data through a program: a system for making decisions. That program then uses rules to find out, “Is this information indicative of a threat to my wellbeing?”

If no, then enjoy. If yes, then launch the trauma-response program. 

I call this decision tree in the brain, “the MindTree.”

A traumatic stress isn’t a condition of the world that gets into us. Traumatic stress is subjective. It’s a condition of the world that we can’t accept.

Because it means a threat to our wellbeing.

Loss of a loved one. Physical danger. Realizing a trusted confidante has lied. Not being able to eat when we’re hungry.

When your brain decides that this threat exists, it launches the biological stress response program to manage and resolve that threat. And this is how trauma is “stored” in your body – as a symptom – until it’s resolved.

How do we resolve a traumatic stress?

The key to solving symptoms is not in the affected area of the body. It’s in that brain “software.” The MindTree.

There are two ways to convince the brain that the threat is gone: correct the external condition, or go into the brain software (the MindTree) and complete the program.

1. Correct the external condition.
If you’re being traumatized because you don’t have enough money to buy food, one option for resolution is to get more money. Or to get free food. If your trauma is someone physically threatening you, you could learn self defense. Or you could get a restraining order.

Another thing you can do to correct the external condition is completely avoid that condition. This is the main response in our deterministic culture. We can suppress our hunger pangs with drugs! We can lock ourselves in our homes and never come out again because there are bullies everywhere!

Although it’s always good to develop a solid solution to permanently fix a problem if you can, life is supposed to be about living and creating, not avoiding. Suppressing your symptom makes you sicker, because when it pops up again, the symptom itself is traumatizing. And you cannot avoid your own organism.

2. Complete the Program in the MindTree.
I help people heal serious and chronic health problems with a special communication technique to access the decision structures of the MindTree.

The special biological program running in your MindTree is trying to fix your traumatic stress problem biologically. But we can fix the problem consciously.

For example, we can say what we needed to communicate but didn’t have a chance or were not safe to say. Or we can completely understand a danger or broken trust, seeing it from others’ perspectives. Or we can finally admit what we really desire instead of pretending we want what we’re “supposed to” want.

Seizing Control and Getting Better

Whether we change the circumstance or change our MindTree, once the trauma’s resolved, your organism no longer needs to create the symptom. Spontaneous healing begins.

The health industry treats the body and the mind as though they have little or nothing to do with each other. (That they’re merely “connected” in some woo-woo way)

In this paradigm, mental or emotional issues are a result of bad thinking. And problems in the body must result from physical damage or distortion. The brain is an organ of thinking, while the rest of the body is the vehicle that carries the brain around.

When we don’t realize that our physical and emotional symptoms both originate in our own brain, we end up trying to build up our immunity, depriving and punishing ourselves with diets and exercises. And we don’t get better.

Dr. Hamer realized the correct understanding of the the living organism when he discovered the five natural laws of healing. Among his thousands of patients at a teaching hospital in Germany, Dr. Hamer observed direct physical correspondence between the patients’:

  1. symptoms (cancer in particular, then all types of symptom),
  2. brain activity, and
  3. severe traumatic stress they had experienced.

Dr. Hamer noticed that this was the case in 100% of his patients. (Contrast this with the health industry’s belief that a 30% correlation is enough to justify trying a new radical drug treatment)

More importantly, Dr. Hamer observed that if the traumatic stress was resolved in the psyche (what I call the MindTree), in 100% of cases his patient’s brain and the body would spontaneously go into healing.

Every symptom disappears as soon as the reason for the symptom is gone. And sometimes, the easiest way to remove the reason for the symptom …is to remove it from your own mind.

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