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How Your Mind Controls Your Body


Every symptom in your body, every painful emotion, and every problem in your life comes from the same source: your brain software.

Or, what I call, "The MindTree."I call it "The MindTree" because it's the software in your brain that receives incoming information and then tells your body what to do.

Your brain "software" - like any computer software - is a system for making decisions:

Decision Tree

We make decisions when we are confronted with any kind of conflict situation where our safety or security is threatened. All of us have had situations that we simply could not handle, such as loss of a loved one or a physically dangerous situation.

Not being able to immediately deal with these traumatic circumstances, we wrote a new "program," that created a new branch of our MindTree. The branches of our MindTree help us to avoid those types of traumatic situations in the future.

The key to solving symptoms permanently is not in our bodies or anything that we do to our bodies. It's in the MindTree.

The whole purpose of your MindTree is to help you avoid possible unsafe situations. So every health and emotional symptom is your brain and body's way of avoiding potential trauma and conflict. Health and emotional symptoms in your body are avoidance strategies. To protect you.

But, of course, life is supposed to be about living, and creating.

Not avoiding!

Our traumas and the symptoms we create to respond to them are supposed to be temporary because they're supposed to keep us safe while we explore new situations. But if you avoid life out of fear of symptoms, the "cure" quickly becomes worse than the original disease.

Suppressing your symptoms only makes you sicker, because it's just another avoidance strategy.

I help people heal serious and chronic health problems partly by using a special communication technique that gets into these decision structures of the MindTree to resolve the underlying conflict. This underlying conflict is what the symptom is trying to resolve, biologically. By resolving it consciously, the body no longer needs to create the symptom, and spontaneous healing begins.

Tested on hundreds of thousands of people for over four decades, the clearing communication technique is extremely helpful, and has produced "miracle healings" even for so-called "incurable" illnesses.

But this communication technique was not specifically developed for clearing body symptoms. It was only developed for untangling the mental traumas and stacks of past decisions that continue to create emotional and psychological pain in the present.

Modern health care creates an artificial rift between mind and body

In the Age of Reason, we have treated the body and the mind as though they have nothing to do with each other. In this paradigm, mental or emotional issues must have to do with what we're thinking, while problems that arise in the body must have a strictly physical cause. The brain is an organ of thinking, while the rest of the body is the vehicle that carries the brain around.

So emotional pain or distorted thinking may be caused by dysfunctional brain chemistry, but bad things that happen in the body result from the world outside the body. These traumas that cause body symptoms - whether germs, carcinogens, toxins, or, perhaps, defective genetic inheritance, are collectively called "stress."

When stress makes you sick, it is assumed that your illness results from something being "wrong" with your body:

Stress Causes SymptomsBut if you've done any inner work to deliberately create the physical life and body that you want, you know that there is something much more mysterious than physical "action and reaction" that causes your body to respond the way it does. Eastern healing arts such as Chinese and Ayurvedic medical systems, alternative healing methods, and even newer findings of sports medicine show again and again that healing of the body is at least as much about what happens in our minds as it is about what happens to our bodies.

It is true that mental and emotional problems are about the way we think and use our brains. And our brain chemistry can powerfully influence our mental and emotional state.

But it is also true that our brains are physical organs.  Our brains sense information about the physical world and then our brains control every single cell in our bodies (through chemical and electrical signals).

And it is true that our emotions are actually biological responses. Science has shown repeatedly that emotions result from our thoughts about the sensory data received by our brains.

Since, then, your thoughts can create a biological reaction (which you experience as "emotion"), and since your brain is a physical organ that is neurologically and biochemically connected to every single cell in your body...

...why wouldn't your thoughts and emotions be connected to every cell in your body? 

(And vice versa?)

The answer, of course, is that thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms are all variations of the same thing. They are all the result of brain activity, which is a result of the interaction between sensory information that enters your brain and the meanings and structures with which that sensory information is processed.

In other words, your physical and emotional symptoms are the direct biological result of the story you have in your brain about the meaning of what you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.

When we don't realize that our physical and emotional symptoms are coming from inside our own brain, we end up:

  • working on our physical "stuff," trying to build up our immunity, taking the therapy, doing the treatments ...but that problem just won't go away (because the physical symptom is a product of mental/emotional stress, which has not been cleared)
  • researching and trying all the remedies - natural AND conventional ...but still having a sneaking suspicion that the REAL source is emotional (and knowing that truly addressing the emotional source WILL solve our symptom)
  • worrying that we're unconsciously creating our symptom ...but we're just not sure how to stop

The missing link between the mind and the body was re-discovered by a cancer doctor, Dr. R.G. Hamer, in the early 1980's, when he observed Five Natural Laws of Healing (or, as he calls them, "The 5 Biological Laws") among his thousands of patients at a teaching hospital in Europe.

Dr. Hamer observed direct physical correspondence between the patients'

  1. symptoms,
  2. brain activity, and
  3. deep mental traumas they had experienced.

Dr. Hamer noticed that this was the case in 100% of his patients. (Contrast this with typical medical statistics in which a 10% correlation is enough to justify trying a new radical drug treatment)

More importantly, Dr. Hamer observed that if the mental conflict was resolved, in 100% of cases the brain and the body would spontaneously go into healing. (Contrast this with typical medical statistics in which treatments for cancer, degenerative muscle disorders, and psychiatric disorders have a less than 30% "cure" rate)

Symptoms disappear as soon as the reason for the symptom is taken away.

This vital discovery that shows the importance of clearing mental traumas in order to clear the body of its symptoms has already begun to revolutionize all of health care. This is the New Medicine.

MindTree Health: the Combination of a Powerful Mind-Clearing Technique with Key Understanding About the Mind-Body Connection

By getting into your MindTree and looking at the exact traumas that you have experienced, we can potentially address any health symptom. Even cancer. Even AIDS. Even Alzheimer's disease, genetic syndromes, allergies, MS, diabetes, addictions, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, paralysis, ALS, autism...

You name it. If it's a symptom, it's coming from inside your MindTree. And the cure is also in your MindTree.

Once we know how our unconscious mental programs are creating our physical and emotional problems, we can quickly and gently:

  • ACCESS our own unconscious mental programs
  • discover the ROOT SOURCE of any symptom or condition we don't like
  • redirect, rewrite, or DISSOLVE that symptom, bad feeling, or condition

When you know how to dissolve the real source of your symptom in your own mind, you can overcome it and produce natural wellness within 9 weeks.

I help you to do this by combining the clearing communication technique with an application of the Five Natural Laws of Healing into a process I call the MindTree Integration Process™.

You can learn about the Five Natural Laws that govern exactly how your illness is generated and healed in my short e-book, "The 5 Natural Laws of Healing: Cure the 'Incurable' and Heal Anything Today" (It's free!)

You might also like to book a session with me to annihilate your symptom at its source in about an hour.

The secret to ending your symptom within 9 weeks:

Conflict or trauma ("stress") that results in illness is not something that happens TO your body. Conflict is something that happens IN your mind. [Tweet this]

Illness is a stress response

Book your consultation today …and not only can you reverse a chronic, scary, or frustrating health symptom, you’ll discover the meaning and purpose of that symptom in the process.



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