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The next IMMUNE group wellness program begins
in June.

This nine-week program will take you on an "ontogenetic" or evolutionary development journey through the nine natural stages of development. We must go through each of these stages to resolve any symptom, to overcome any problem, or to develop any new ability.

It will teach you how to identify any symptom or problem at its source, and how to break it down in order to resolve it completely.

Every week, for nine weeks, you'll get:

A comprehensive lesson that walks you through one of the nine ontogenetic stages of development.

This content shows you how it feels to master the stage of development, problems caused by not mastering the stage, and how the Natural laws apply to you, personally at each stage.

The lesson is available in both video and written form.

Downloadable exercises, charts, and special techniques.

You'll have access to a daily practice, quick-reference informational charts, powerful exercises to help you clear your mind around specific types of conflicts, and special bonus techniques to help you take your work to deeper levels.

Weekly targetted support in group coaching format.

Each week you will have access to a (Zoom) live group coaching call where you can get targetted support around a specific question or problem.

There will be two group coaching session times to choose from each week, in order to accommodate participants in different time zones.

Community support.

Registrants in the IMMUNE group wellness program will have access to the private MindTree Health IMMUNE Facebook group.

At Stage Five you'll also learn a powerful "partner-assisted meditation" (communication) technique to help you become a master of your psyche (and therefore your brain and body).

Specially-priced 1:1 support

For the duration of the program, participants in the IMMUNE group wellness program can book 1:1 MindTree Integration sessions at 50% off the regular fee. (Subject to maximum number of booking times per week)

The IMMUNE group wellness program is a holistic wellness education and personal development program. Week-by-week for nine consecutive weeks, we will break down real life problems in a gentle, powerful way that you'll take with you long into the future.

The program is based on systems thinking, Germanic Healing Knowledge® (German New Medicine/Germanische Heilkunde®) and other principles of natural science.

The cost of the IMMUNE Group Program is $900 (Canadian dollars)

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This program is for smart people ready to seize control. I am not a medical practitioner and this program contains no medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. I cannot and do not promise any health results. By purchasing this program, you confirm that you understand this and that you accept the MindTree Health Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The program is closed for now, but the waiting list registration will open soon. 

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