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How to be Successful

The more I learn, the more I marvel at how much there is to know. I wonder how I ever got along as a young adult who didn’t know how to balance a chequebook, get a job, or make healthy meals. I wonder how early humans got along not knowing anything about electricity or metalworking or Facebook.

They got along better than we do.

Every day, I get up and have some sort of a struggle over how to do all the important stuff I need to do to satisfy all the different people and priorities in life. I shuffle and organize and strategize how to get all these tasks done and in the right order. How did my younger self do it? How did early humans do it?

Better than I do.

"Cancel all my appointments. I'm taking a personal day." (image credit:

“Cancel all my appointments. I’m taking a personal day.” (image credit: flowcomm)

On any given day, I’ve either got multiple priorities that I move through as urgently as possible until I fall, exhausted, into a fitful sleep punctuated by adrenal and stomach issues and panic attacks, or I have multiple impossible deadlines that overwhelm me and I spend the day coping. To the extent that I pursue either of these extremes, my day will suck.

Making your day not suck

So I have learned to chunk up and chunk up and chunk up again. I turn that mountain of tasks into groups of related tasks. I turn those groups of related tasks into projects. I put those projects into groupings under the seven areas of my life (health, wealth, relationships, family, service, spirituality, personal development).

I turn those seven areas of my life into three areas of my life: Self, Family, World.

I see that this is leading toward a Oneness, some sort of One Project.

"Ah. Now everything makes sense." (image credit: <a href=

“Ah. Now everything makes sense.” (image credit: Alice Popkorn)

On this trajectory, I’ll reach a point where I focus entirely on this One Project all day long. The never-ending list of tasks will each be of service to the One Project. Or they just won’t make it on my list at all.

It has to be this way, because nothing else really works.

People who are successful have this down pat. They might not see it or express it the way I have, but they are successful because they are living in service to their One Project.

Early humans and my younger self were successful, too, because they lived in service to their One Project. That project may have been “survival,” it may have been “conquering,” it may have been “community,” or “learning,” or “finding a mate,” or “getting a degree and a good job.” Whatever it was, it was a centre of focus, and having a centre of focus allows successful people past and present to immediately be able to:

  1. say “no” to irrelevant opportunities,
  2. say “yes” to the right path, undeterred by the hazards with which it is jammed full, and
  3. choose between good opportunities and better opportunities.

But today, in this modern Age of Information, where we have been trained from toddlerhood to pay attention to what others want us to do and suppress our own natural instincts and desires, we suffer a global pandemic of a monstrous identity conflict. We don’t know who we are, don’t know why we’re here, and don’t know how to be happy. The majority of us must focus on survival and self-preservation, rather than on finding ourselves.

99% of us are not successful.

We suffer the disease of “going along to get along.” We cope with the illness of “life is hard.” We are surviving, rather than living our One Project.

Our only consolation is that we’re all in it together. Except for those occasional outliers – perhaps one in a thousand of us who is independent and deeply satisfied with every aspect of his or her life – we all belong to this one big herd. That’s comforting.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that each of the seven billion of us did have his or her own purpose, and was not an ungulate. Let’s just follow the trajectory of what could happen if we chunk up our millions of fragmented tasks and goals until we reach the point of the One Project.

Suddenly, the process is as simple as can be. It’s formulaic. The “gurus,” the Successful Ones over hundreds of generations, from Horus to Buddha, from Jesus to Mohammed to Ghandi, even the Eckhart Tolles and Oprah Winfreys and Tony Robins of today, they all teach the same formula. It hasn’t changed a bit in millions of years.

Modern technology such as the Internet and public services – if we don’t get distracted by them – just make the formula faster and easier to carry out.

The Formula

  1. Be a total prick about giving your time. It’s the only thing you own, and everything you can express in this lifetime can only be expressed through how you use your time. Time is your bear cub and you are a mama bear. To the extent that you successfully take charge of the days, hours, and minutes of your life, you will experience success in both a spiritual and a material sense.
  2. Know what you are in a body to do. For example, I am here to teach people how to use their physical selves to get whatever they desire. Everything you do must contribute to your purpose.
  3. Notice the openings where your teaching, gift, offering, service is needed. These openings are everywhere: people getting upset about a virus, or the economy or Monsanto or whatever it is. People being upset because they are “forced” to be a channel for someone else’s prosperity. People hating themselves because they can’t stop getting into trouble. There is a constant whisper and wail arising from the world, begging for your answer.
  4. Create a product, offering, phrase, talk, artwork, system, strategy that provides the solution to that need. Require payment for this solution (remember, you’re a Time Prick). Next, use this product to create a smaller product that explains the overall problem, the reason why it’s a problem, and what needs to be done to solve the problem. Provide this smaller product for free to anyone who asks. Lastly, use this second product to create an even smaller product that describes but doesn’t solve the problem. Pay (with your precious time or with your money) to spread this attention-getting item everywhere that people with that problem are hanging out.
  5. Keep track of this process and do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for the rest of your life.

Why People Keep Failing

The only thing that stops people from being able to follow this formula is the same thing that stopped me from following this formula: self-doubt.

Shadows, stories from childhood, identity conflict, people-pleasing: all variations of self-doubt.

Removing self-doubt, the formula makes it easy to serve my Self, my Family, and the World. Following the formula creates great abundance in every area of my life: health, wealth, relationships, family, service, spirituality, personal development. Having the formula makes every task fun.

The real marrow of life, the real learning, comes only from having the self-doubt in the first place. But overcoming your self-doubt makes every day exciting and fun, because it brings you the rewards of success.

And what are those rewards? These:

Reasons to Be Successful

You don’t worry.
You accomplish things with ease.
You appreciate everything and everyone.
You do not fear failure or loss.
You achieve the vibrant health that bubbles up in the absence of stress and conflict.
You are filled with confidence.
You choose how to spend your time and who to spend it with, not based on what you need, but based on what you desire.
You don’t take things personally, so nothing pisses you off.
You know you’re right.
You realize that you are irreplaceable.
You make your Self, your Family, and the World proud.

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