How Disease Happens

For thousands of years, it’s been a fundamental premise of Western culture that discomfort, unusual behaviour, or changes to our bodies are bad things. Resulting from evil forces.

Conventional medical philosophy, in particular, believes this. It just uses different words, such as “malignancy,” “genetic control,” “toxin,” and “viruses.”

The belief in bad things happening due to out-of-control evil forces is wrong. It’s a childish, religious belief that came about through a combination of ignorance and the profit motive – and certainly not through any scientific analysis.

After all, science is a process of determining what is …science is not a process of fighting bad guys.

The truth revealed by scientific process is that our minds and bodies are not mechanical blobs to which bad things happen. Every physical pattern in the universe – including your own body and the biological programs that operate it – is part of an exquisitely-complex energy system (“Nature”) which operates through a series of natural (and therefore unbreakable) laws.

How Your Body Works

Your brain tells your body what to do as a response to your experience.

Most of the time, I think we kind of imagine brains to be lumps of tissue that have a specialized function, like livers or spleens have a specialized function. The creation of these specialized organs, the current prevailing cultural story goes, was due to a bunch of lucky mutations and natural selection over billions of years, and somehow the instructions for this astonishing process are coded into a very tiny blob of genetic material in each cell in our body.

In fact, this idea is completely backward. Every single cell of your body experiences whatever overall circumstance your body finds itself in: emotional, energetic, physical, relational, potential, and many other components of your physical experience.

If you feel a rush of attraction for a loved one who comes into your view, your intestinal and kneecap cells will experience this condition just as much as, say, your heart.

But how can catching sight of a loved one – a function which happens in your eyeballs – affect your heart rate, your breathing, feelings in the pit of your belly…? The answer is that your whole body is wired together through an elegant network served through the central server of your brain. Only, instead of depending solely on binary electronic signals wired through cables, your brain serves and directs your body through the use of voltage changes (through the nervous system), hormonal changes, and adjustments to nutrient levels such as oxygen and glucose content.

Your brain gives you high or low blood sugar. Your brain makes you anemic. Your brain turns up the voltage and makes specific tissues in your body grow at a faster rate.

Your brain alters your adrenal and other neurotransmitter levels, making you experience emotions. Your brain even manufactures false sensory information, causing you to do really stupid things in public.

The Brain – and Not the Gene – is the Boss

Every cell in your body will receive the instructions of your brain. Most cells in your body will find the information irrelevant, but they will all receive the instructions.

Cells pick up the instructions through the cell membrane, and use that information internally to become more active, if appropriate. Or to reproduce faster, if that’s what’s called for. Or to die off, if that’s what the brain signal indicates the cell should do.

Your body works like a beehive or a termite mound. Every individual bee or termite receives the same instructions, fanned out through the hive or mound through pheromone signals and behavioural patterns. How each individual bee or termite responds to that signal is related to where they are in the hive or mound, not to what their own genetic coding tells them to do.

Every disease is a result of either the active phase or healing phase of an unanticipated life experience. The symptoms are your body’s best effort to resolve that experience, coordinated by your brain. This includes everything from the common cold to lung cancer to schizophrenia.

So How do I Get Better?

The key to efficient and complete healing lies in knowing the biological program behind your symptoms. Your symptoms always relate to the conflict (the unanticipated event) that you experienced or are still experiencing. To get better, you’ve got to figure out which conflict in your life this symptom is a response to, and then you’ve got to resolve that conflict.

The hardest part of this process is becoming genuinely willing to let go of the victim story about bad things “happening” to you.

Our ancient cultural belief in an ongoing divine battle between the forces of good and evil has us out fighting shadows that don’t really exist, instead of accepting and embracing our symptoms as helpful information to guide us to happier ways of living.

Conventional medical techniques using strong drugs, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery provide important emergency care when our biological processes continue for so long or are of such intensity that we might die of exhaustion or an intense healing symptom. However, the ultimate solution to every symptom is not to remove that part of your body or distract your brain with new traumas.

The ultimate solution is to resolve your conflicts.

MindTree Integration helps you uncover and address the unresolved traumas that are the real cause of your health symptoms.

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