HIV Positive? What You Can Do About It (Podcast)

AIDS (AutoImmune Deficiency Syndrome) was a terrifying new disease that first appeared in 1981, and then exploded into a global epidemic. The health industry has not yet found a cure and vaccine.

Health professionals soon announced they’d discovered a retrovirus called “Human Immunodeficiency Virus.” The American Food and Drug Administration approved a blood test to identify the presence of the virus.

AZT (azidothymidine), a chemotherapy drug designed in the 1960’s, was shelved because it was too toxic. In 1990, AZT was approved as a treatment to try to prevent HIV from developing into AIDS (and as treatment for children with cancer). Unfortunately, the drug was very expensive and produced harsh health effects of its own.

The need for AZT began to diminish in the mid-90’s when the incidence of AIDS in HIV-positive individuals began to decline…

…except in sub-Saharan Africa where AIDS is still listed the number one killer. AIDS is therefore listed the 4th leading cause of death worldwide and a global health emergency.

Elusive Virus, Elusive Solution

Four decades later, the progression of AIDS remains poorly understood. How does the virus makes one person get pneumonia and another person get cancer? Why do some HIV-positive patients never get any AIDS symptoms? Why can people have AIDS symptoms but test negative for HIV? And why can someone test positive for HIV and then test negative in a different jurisdiction?

The HIV virus has never been isolated. In fact, the HIV test is an allergy test (the ELISA – Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay). The test measures antibodies against proteins thought to be part of HIV.

HIV-AIDS is still handled as a medical emergency by the health industry. Therefore, the response is technological. The scientific response has only just begun.

However, right around the time that AIDS was becoming an epidemic, Dr. Hamer discovered five biological laws that govern this syndrome (as well as all other illnesses). And show us how to heal it.

Listen to Episode 8 of the Mind Over Symptom Podcast, “HIV Positive? Your Biggest Threat (and What You Can Do About It)” to take a refreshing look at what AIDS is really about, why it happens, and how it’s possible to resolve this collection of symptoms right at the source.

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