Finding the Vision that Pulls You


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

This warning has stood true for thousands of years. If you haven’t got a purpose or a vision, then you’re living on borrowed time, my friend.

Fortunately, you do have a purpose. You wouldn’t exist if you didn’t have one. That’s why both Proverbs and quantum physics say so.

Vision or purpose is always the underlying propulsion for your life. Without it, you would have perished long since. So, if you don’t know what your vision or purpose is, don’t worry. You do have one.

The only trouble is, as long as you can’t see your vision, you’re being pushed by pain.

The pain pushes until the vision pulls.

Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith

Being pulled by vision is a wonderful, effortless, joyful experience, but being pushed through life by pain sucks. So you want to see that vision. You want to get clear on what your purpose for being alive is.

The reason you can’t see it is because there’s this thing in your way that steals all your attention. This attention-stealing thing is the complex series of unresolved traumas that I call “the MindTree.”

Thankfully, there are ways to integrate the MindTree, which is the source of that “pain that pushes.”

As soon as you can get out of its grip, your purpose/vision is revealed, and you begin to be pulled by that vision. And the pull of vision is much more powerful than the push of pain. In a good way.

Here are three of my favourite ways to find the vision that pulls you:

1. Find Your Purpose in 5 Minutes (Adam Leipzig’s approach)

95% of the time, you’re not conscious of your physical circumstances. Instead, you’re focused on the meaning that you make up about your physical circumstances.

By having you answer five simple questions, Adam Leipzig’s approach temporarily puts your attention on your actions instead of on the contents of your MindTree, where your attention is normally focused.

2. Find Your Purpose in 20 Minutes (Steve Pavlina’s system)

You can discover your vision or purpose by giving your MindTree a chance to express itself.

Once you get through the long list of made-up stories about what your purpose is – that is, once you finish communicating everything that is NOT your purpose – what remains is …your purpose!

3. Find Your Purpose in 60 Minutes (Lishui Springford’s MindTree Integration process)

In 1:1 private sessions, I work with clients using a powerful communication technique called the Clearing Communication Cycle.

Since your mind is made of thoughts, and thoughts are as-yet unfulfilled intentions to communicate, the MindTree Integration Process literally completes, integrates and clears away your MindTree, which is the very source of every “pain that pushes” you.

We use your symptoms as the clues as to what to communicate about. What’s left after we complete your communications and clear your pain-producing MindTree is your authentic self, and your vision stands clear and shining before you.

In this way, your health issues and emotional issues provide the exact pathway to your vision. And, boy oh boy, it pulls you powerfully.

(Bonus: Gary Larson’s system)

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