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Dispels fear of cancer

Debunks 5 Cancer Myths

What do the largest charity in history (American Cancer Society) and the top  cancer researchers around the world have in common? They’re clinging to scientific dogma that was disproven in the 1880’s. Thankfully, you aren’t a slave to these familiar but useless (and often harmful) false beliefs. The Answers 2 Cancer course shows you that cancer always has a purpose. And when its purpose is served, it stops.

Knowledge IS Power!

Imagine if you knew exactly how to take control of your biology. Imagine if making yourself better was a quick and self-evident business. Discover revolutionary new (scientific) discoveries from outside the medical system. We now realize cancer is an appropriate biological response to unresolved trauma. With the Answers 2 Cancer course, health restoration becomes obvious and straightforward.

A Magnificent Prognosis

Why be another statistic in what’s becoming a bigger public health problem each year? Why be one of the more than 60% of cancer patients who don’t make it 5 years past diagnosis? Cancer diagnosis and treatment has some bad science behind it. Doctors are legally bound to follow these standards, but you’re not. Use the straightforward wisdom of the Answers 2 Cancer course to seize control and get better.

No Boring Technical Jargon

Video Based

Five video-based lessons that show you exactly how cancer works. (You’ll be smarter than the health industry!) Once you understand this elegant logic of Nature (as discovered by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer while he was head of oncology at a European teaching hospital), you’ll know exactly what NOT to do if you or someone you love has cancer. So easy to understand that Dr. Hamer’s cancer patients had a survival rate over 90%!

Removes Overwhelm

After 45 years of an all-out “war on cancer,” it’s becoming a bigger public health problem every year. Your individual chance of being diagnosed has skyrocketed since your grandparents’ time (to 1 in 3 within your lifetime). Why? Because the health industry treats cancer like it’s linear. Cancer is actually a feedback system. The Answers 2 Cancer course shows you the “bigger picture.” And understanding means control.

Any Type of Cancer

Health professionals now identify over 200 types of cancer. Those are divided into five groups (carcinomas, leukemias, sarcomas, lymphatic, and brain-spinal-chord). But this classification is all wrong. Because it’s based on the idea that cancer is error or damage. There are only two cancers, both purposeful: active phase and healing phase. Answers 2 Cancer shows you which treatments help (or harm) either type.

Win the Battle

How Uncle Emerson Lived to Be 106 (Even Though He Smoked Three Packs a Day)

A century ago, Fewer than 1 in 1200 people died of cancer. Now it’s more than 1 in 6. And children and young adults are the fastest-growing group of new cancer patients. But you won’t need to worry about being part of this trend anymore.

The Key to Survival

Despite 100 years of the American Cancer Society and 45 years of the War on Cancer, fewer than half of all diagnosed cancer patients live more than 5 years. But after Dr. Hamer discovered the “Iron Rule of Cancer,” over 90% of his “terminal” cancer patients survived. What this means for you is the ability to make a “healing miracle” happen.

Switch On Your Immunity

Because the health industry clings to five wrong medical myths of cancer, many cancer treatments only work in a few cases. Some are outright harmful. Imagine if you could switch on your immunity against cancer (and against the trauma of harmful treatments). What would this do for your peace of mind and your future?

No Other Training Like This

Screw the Statistics!

The health industry uses diagnostic and treatment standards designed to give us the best possible “chance” of survival. But that means less than 10% survival for some cancers. These standards suck! The Answers 2 Cancer course makes plain how you, like over 90% of Dr. Hamer’s cancer patients, can turn cancer statistics on their heads, seize control, and get better.

New Science

Imagine using the latest science from outside the medical system. You and I aren’t locked to disproven and superstitious medical myths from centuries ago. Because Dr. Ryke G. Hamer, while he was head of oncology at a European teaching hospital, uncovered the five biological laws that govern all cancers. And scientifically-tested them to reveal exactly how cancer works.


Dr. Hamer discovered the cause, course, and resolution of cancer. It was shocking to the health industry. Because of that, the information hasn’t made it into your doctor’s training… let alone the pamphlets at the drugstore. Yet. But regular folks like you and me all around the world are learning about his approach. And we’re using it to dispel our fears, understand our bodies, and conquer cancer.

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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: I’ve been privileged to see many “healing miracles” brought about by understanding and applying the ideas presented in this course. However, please understand that I am absolutely NOT promising any health results. This program is for smart people ready to seize control. It is NOT medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment. If you don’t agree or understand, do not use this course.Click Here to Place Your Secure Order