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What the heck is a "MindTree?"

I know a big, big secret.

The problem with your health, your relationships, your mood problems ...your life not you.

It's your MindTree.


Your MindTree is a collection of active trauma-reaction programs running in your brain. These programs are the source of every psychological, emotional, or physical symptom you have.

I developed the MindTree Integration Process™ after an almost two-decade search for an answer to my own health problems finally bore fruit. After seeing dozens of doctors, naturopaths, counsellors, energy healers, chiropractors, acupuncturists and more, I was beyond frustrated with my inability to restore my body to the excellent health that was normal for me up until my mid-twenties.

I tried running away from difficult life situations, only to find the pattern completely re-created again in the new place and with the new people. So it seemed to me that the only common factor in my illness was me. I just didn't know how or why I was doing this to myself.

The situation is dramatically different now. I now know exactly how and why I create symptoms. So I just resolve them at their source. And I feel better than I did in my early 20's: not only better physically (more energy, more strength, more agility and flexibility), but also better emotionally (more control, more personal options, and more confidence).

Why You Haven't Heard About the MindTree

The keys to my own health resolution were relatively recent scientific findings by two men: Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (1935-2017) and Charles Berner (1929-2007).

I make special note that their scientific findings are recent, because new scientific ideas don't make it into mainstream awareness easily. First the idea seems completely absurd. Then the experts and gurus freak out because the new idea threatens their dogma.

That's the stage that the discoveries of both Dr. Hamer and Charles Berner are now at. They're still not accepted in the mainstream.

But those who examine these principles are getting real answers and solving serious health problems of all kinds, from cancer to schizophrenia, autism to AIDS, and more.

Eventually these core ideas will have enough examination and attention to have been tested by the very experts and gurus that once rejected them. (Then they'll claim they knew this stuff all along 🙂 ) But history isn't yet re-written in this regard. And so mainstream (and much alternative) medicine still treats illness exactly as it did in the Dark Ages.

Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

"Modern medicine explores the human body in hopes of healing us if we fall ill. But this is an incomplete approach, for the psyche and the brain have been completely ignored in the enthusiasm for the discovery of mechanical and biochemical connections within the body."

For millennia, conventional thought refused, for dogmatic reasons, to accept that the Sun is the centre of the solar system. Instead, authorities insisted that the planets orbit around the Earth. It made no sense. And it made the function of the solar system - especially the orbits of the planets - terribly difficult to comprehend. (It also made all of today's communications technologies impossible)

In the same fashion as conventional thinkers ignored the true function of our planetary system - and for the same dogmatic reasons - they continue to disregard something important about how the individual human body works: the patient's psyche (their mind) should be the healer's focus of enquiry, both in diagnostics and in therapy.

Effective healing within conventional medical care is currently impossible in the same way that space travel was impossible when thought leaders believed the Earth was the centre of the solar system.

In reality, there's no strict distinction between the mind (psyche), the brain, and the body. It is a continuously synchronous triad, a single thing.

Dr. Hamer's website

Website of Ilsedora Laker, the foremost English-speaking teacher of Dr. Hamer's work

Dr. Hamer's big discovery was that your body, brain, and mind are three levels of a single thing. Events such as trauma, symptoms, and healing occur simultaneously in all three. This discovery revealed that by changing what's happening in any one of these levels, you'll automatically get a simultaneous change in the other two levels.

Of these three components - body, brain, and mind - the level that we have the most control over is the mind.

So how do we change what's going on in the mind in order to change what happens in the brain and body?

Charles Berner (Yogeshwar Muni)

"Mind is a pattern you're originating in the present moment. You originate your mind as a substitute for communication because you've experienced a difficulty in relating more directly.

Charles Berner Yogeshwar Muni

You and I don't exist in any physical context. The physical world is just energy particles, neither created nor destroyed, but simply moving into different patterns. The body, brain, and mind are examples of these patterns.

We individuals originate our bodies, brains, and minds. The body, for doing things. The brain as a receiver and transmitter of information. And we originate the mind as a substitute for communication.

The mind arises because we have conflicts: difficulties in relating that we experience as traumatic shock experiences. Every conflict results in a special biological program of Nature that affects body, brain, and mind. Each of these programs acts like a screen to create a safe distance between yourself and another while still remaining in contact with them.

It turns out that gaining control and leverage over our minds is simple: to uncouple your self from your mind, all you have to do is improve your ability to communicate.

Charles Berner's communication process for uncoupling the self from the mind

Website of Lawrence Noyes, the foremost teacher and developer of Charles' Berner's mind clearing techniques

The medical industry is amazingly good at saving your life when you're facing a serious mechanical problem in your body. But the medical industry is terrible at making you healthy.

Because health doesn't come from outside. You can't get it from experts or from a pill or from eating the right food or doing the right exercise.

Instead, healing happens like this:

MindTree Health | Welcome to the Self-Healing Revolution!

As our biological programs of Nature - these filters, screens, or defenses we develop to protect ourselves while still remaining in contact with others and the world around us - accumulate without resolution, we build a mind that has a distinct branching structure, one conflict leading to the next and the next.

I call the branching structure of the mind, your MindTree.

I realized that, indeed, I am creating all my problems. I do it with my MindTree, which I originated to try to solve my problems relating with the world around me ("conflicts").

But my MindTree changed my perceptions of reality and powerfully influenced my state of mind and my choices. And, because the body, brain, and mind are really a single thing so something that happens in one level happens in all three levels MindTree also created my physical symptoms.

The "switch" that turned on my immunity was that I realized that every symptom is really this organism - the mind-brain-body system that I originate - trying to respond to a gap or a separation between how it is and how I want it to be.

Every symptom is trying to help me get something I need.

Unmet needs - and the resulting symptoms - develop a hierarchical structure if they accumulate without resolution:

Structure of the MindTree | MindTree Health: you, without the symptom.

To resolve the symptoms, we have to resolve the MindTree. That means we have to communicate all the conflicts (past traumas) we have not yet been able to communicate. That is what the MindTree Integration Process™ is.

I resolved my health issues and got back the wellbeing of my childhood by repeating three steps over and over again:

  1. I identified the trauma experiences that started each of my symptoms. Each of these traumas would have threatened:
    - my relationship with my environment (and especially with others in my environment),
    - my sense of ability or self-value, or
    - my basic bodily survival.
  2. I observed how my own mind was carrying this problem along with me, moment-by-moment. Mindfulness techniques helped, but the real breakthrough happened when I communicated my mind.
  3. I supported myself as I learned how to use my new organism without that program. This is just like nurturing a very young child as they develop new skills.

This is the three-step cycle of the MindTree Integration Process™.

I'll get you started on integrating your own MindTree. Book your consultation today.

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