What the heck is a MindTree?

Your MindTree is every traumatic shock experience you've ever experienced and not yet resolved.

These unresolved traumatic shock experiences live in your body as "biological conflicts." They are the underlying source of every psychological, emotional, or physical symptom.

As Dr. Ryke G. Hamer (1935-2017) discovered in his research with tens of thousands of patients, mechanical forces such as germs, physical force, allergens, or carcinogens do not cause illness. Illness also doesn't occur because of genetic or biochemical flaws in your body or brain.

Instead, symptoms are your way of responding to traumatic stress experiences ("traumatic shock" or "trauma").

The psyche, brain, and body respond to traumatic stress as a single organism. This organism runs a "special biological program of Nature" to cope with and try to resolve the trauma. Every symptom is really one of these special biological programs.

If you resolve the biological conflict to which the symptom is a response... you'll resolve the symptom, too.

If you can't resolve a traumatic stress by adjusting your circumstances, it's possible to resolve it by integrating your MindTree. For this, a special communication technique developed by Charles Berner (1929-2007) is the fastest and most powerful way to go.

Who the heck is Lishui Springford?

Lishui is a scientist who began resolving ecological problems in 1990 and who discovered Dr. Hamer's work in 2002, then Charles Berner's work in 2007. Since 2008, she has been developing MindTree integration techniques to help people seize control of their serious or chronic health problems or addictions that they have not been able to overcome through either conventional or alternative medicines.

She teaches them how to get better with a scientific approach, not a medical one.

Lishui lives in Canada, about two hours north of Toronto.

As an Earth and ecological scientist, environmental officer, and university professor, she's spent over 25 years resolving "symptoms" in natural and biological systems. She cleaned up contaminated sites and other ecological problems on several continents. After using this scientific approach to create her own "healing miracle," She left her environmental career to study the work of Dr. Hamer, Charles Berner, and other cutting-edge science on the biology of illness and the structure of the human psyche.

If you're trying to solve a health problem and you want to let go of fear, frustration, and external (health industry) “fixes” that aren’t working, you've come to the right place. As an expert in "mind-body biology," Lishui can help you to take control and make yourself better. Even when none of the conventional or alternative treatments has made a difference.

If you’re feeling out of options (or worse, thinking it’s all your fault) ...and you want to start feeling like you can trust your body, it's time to talk.