The Five Unbreakable Natural Laws of Healing (Podcast)

Trying different treatments is stressful.

So’s having a symptom you can’t get rid of.

Even more stressful is the unresolved trauma that’s actually causing your symptom.

Yet the health industry – both conventional and alternative – only knows how to keep trying different “outside-in” treatments. The name of this expensive, risky, and frightening game is “the process of elimination.”

This is a poor approach for idiopathic symptoms (those that don’t stem from obvious injury, poisoning, or malnutrition). Few if any top illness will heal with this try-it-and-see approach.
[Ref: World Health Organization statistics, Canadian cancer statistics, and info from the Journal of the American Medical Association]

That’s why, from the health industry’s perspective, llnesses are treatable, but not curable.

But the health industry looks for the cause of your symptom in your body. And the real source is in your MindTree (your psyche).

Dr. Hamer discovered how this works as part of a five-point pattern of the formation of illness. That’s when he started saving “incurable” and “terminal” patients all around the world.

It’s an insanely quick, convenient, hands-off, and inexpensive approach to healing. Listen now to “The 5 (Unbreakable) Natural Laws of Healing” and discover for yourself:

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