The 4th Natural Law of Healing (Video)

The 4th Natural Law of Healing is the Law of Ecology

Immunity is a result of ecological harmony with all other beings. Outside of us …and inside of us.

1864: the First Case of a Pandemic Viral Infection

Because of a glitch that’s created a disconnect between body and mind in this amazing Age of Reason, 150 years ago, a chemist named Louis Pasteur came down with a virus. Most of his contemporaries tried to cure him of it, but, unfortunately, this new virus was extremely contagious.

By the 1950’s, the virus had reached epidemic proportions, especially in the Americas. By the 1980’s, it was the number one influence on family and public health worldwide. And now, every, single person who shares the paradigm of the health industry is infected with this virus.

This virus can only be cured by understanding and applying the 4th Natural Law of Healing. This law states that we are not closed systems. We exist in community with other beings …both outside and inside our bodies.

A virus that takes hold anywhere has the capacity to get everywhere. Being a member of an ecosystem means that what affects anyone in our community affects all of us …unless we understand the key to natural immunity.

You can’t escape the virus, because virtually everyone around you is infected. But you can learn how to be unaffected by it.

Many Eastern medicine practitioners never fell victim to the virus. Uncontacted Aboriginal communities have also remained safe from it. And some among us – myself for example – were once infected but have now managed to get rid of this bug.

The virus, by the way, is called “The Germ Theory of Disease.”

Watch the video below to find out the story. 

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