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4 Mind Over Heart Disease Part 1


Ischaemic Heart Disease (Coronary Artery Disease): the #1 Killer Worldwide

Despite amazing medical technology to help repair your body after a heart attack ...the medical profession is still pretty much stumbling around on the subject of how to prevent or overcome it.

In fact, even recognizing that ischaemic heart disease is happening at all is out of the question for over half of those who have the disease ...because when it's a serious case, the first symptom is dropping dead.

A coronary attack comes when you least expect it, usually when you're feeling fine.

The reason this kind of heart disease is so difficult to spot with conventional means is that most health models see the heart as a mechanical pump.

In this context, coronary artery disease is a result of cholesterol accumulating in the coronary arteries, gumming them up, then blocking one or more artery, causing deprivation of oxygen and nutrients to that area of the heart muscle supplied by that artery.

So then it seems like this kind of heart "attack" is a result of death or damage to that area of heart tissue, and this stops the heart, which stops blood flow to the brain ...causing death.

There are serious flaws in this theory of how the heart works and why ischaemic heart disease happens. For example, why does the patient "drop dead" of a heart attack? Why doesn't the coronary artery slowly close off, slowly causing decreased efficiency of the heart muscle (as well as less blood flow to the body), and also slowly cut off blood supply to the brain ...all of which would give clear, measurable warning signs and allow the patient to get help?

And why are there people who've had a coronary heart attack but show no damage to the heart muscle?

When we understand the 5 Natural Laws of Healing, ischaemic heart disease makes perfect sense.

As we observe the condition scientifically, we discover that cholesterol and artheriosclerosis are components of a natural process which occurs in the healing phase after resolving a very specific type of biological conflict or traumatic stress.

And that particular conflict has a clear cause, clear symptoms, and a clear resolution.

So what's in the way of figuring this out and using it to prevent (and even cure) coronary artery disease?

The only thing in the way is society telling us it's not "nice" to resolve this type of problem. It's "selfish" to heal our problem.

But the body is 100% selfish.

Listen to "Mind Over Heart Disease (Part 1)" to discover the one major sign that tells you not only why and whether you're going to have a coronary heart attack ...but when it is going to occur.



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