Anatomy Made Simple (Podcast)

The “Mind-Body Code” Revealed

I had no idea where to start working on my health problems before I learned the biological laws discovered by Dr. Hamer.

When I tried to take charge, I felt overwhelmed by too much information and an impossible regimen of therapies and lifestyle changes. I felt a million miles behind everyone else. I also felt downright scared, because I believed I had “bad genes.”

But everyone gets sick sometimes. Is it a different cause, or different luck, or different genes that determine why and how? A result of statistics, maybe, or aging? Wear and tear?

So many things can go wrong. We can do all the “right” things – diet, exercise, positive thinking, being a nice person… but get sick anyway. Why?

And why is the way to get better to do things that we don’t want to do, or not do things that we do want to do? Why are we supposed to get healthy by treating ourselves like we’re broken, flawed, and inferior in some way?

With these questions, I got no answers. It was the opposite of overwhelm!

Until I discovered the work of Dr. Hamer. That’s when I learned that our bodies are 100% selfish. Our bodies don’t give a single damn about what the medical books say or the health gurus or the experts. And they certainly don’t care whether other people like us or approve of us.

Your body exists for one reason only: to create the experiences that you desire. A symptom is a result of you resisting the experience that you’re having, because it feels like the opposite of what you desire.

When I realized this, I started to find real answers. I realized that I can’t beat my body into health. I realized that I can’t deprive myself into abundance. I realized that I can’t punish myself to wellbeing.

Listen now to “Anatomy Made Simple: the Mind-Body Code Revealed” on the Mind Over Symptom Podcast. You’ll discover how to guarantee your good health. (WITHOUT diet, exercise, positive thinking, or being a nice person):


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