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3 Anatomy Made Simple (the “Mind-Body Code” Revealed)

image credit: Jeremy Thomas

image credit: Jeremy Thomas

Before I learned the "mind-body code," I had no idea where to start to address my developing health problems.

When I tried to take charge of my health, I felt overwhelmed by possibilities. And like I was a million miles behind everyone else.

I also felt downright scared, because I'd misunderstood my doctor. I thought he told me that my symptoms were a result of cancer caused by "bad genes."

One thing most people I talked to agreed on: everyone's body develops symptoms. But why?

No reason. Illness is meaningless. A result of statistics, maybe, or aging. Wear and tear?

So many things can go wrong with our fragile physical forms. We can do all the “right” things - diet, exercise, positive thinking, being a nice person... But if we don't understand how our bodies work, we'll get sick anyway.

There's just no correlation between being a good person and having a better or a longer life

Most of us - including health professionals - don't understand the "mind-body code." So most of the things we're supposed to do to be healthy are unpleasant.

We either try to get healthy by doing things we don't want to do...

...or by not doing things that we do want to do.

This is punishment-based health care. It comes from believing that illness is a consequence of not being good enough in some way.

Here's why that's wrong (and why the nicest people seem to get sick more):

Your body is 100% self-serving.

Totally selfish.

Your body doesn't give a single damn about what other people think of you.

Your body exists for one reason and one reason only: to create the experiences that you desire.

A symptom is a result of you trying to be a nice person instead of being who you are.

When I realized this, it didn’t solve my problems overnight. But it got me looking for answers in the right direction. And so I started to find them.

I realized that I can’t beat my body. So I joined its cause

I stopped trying to punish myself to health.

I completely gave up trying to force myself to follow the norms of society.

I became empowered by becoming just as selfish and self-serving as my body itself.

Listen now to "Anatomy Made Simple: the Mind-Body Code Revealed" on the Mind Over Symptom Podcast. You'll discover how to guarantee your good health.  (WITHOUT diet, exercise, positive thinking, or being a nice person)


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