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The 2nd Natural Law of Healing


The 2nd Natural Law of Healing: what stage of the process is my symptom coming from?

Our bodies naturally do very different things in the daytime than they do at nighttime.

Being sick usually feels like we've been thrown off that rhythm, but being sick is actually a powerful result of the rhythm and process of the 2nd Natural Law of Healing.

This law states that there is a time for action and a time for restoration. Energy we put out must match energy we take in.

In fact, if we don't allow ourselves to keep up with the natural rhythm of action and restoration, we literally devalue ourselves. Putting out more energy than we take in leads to aging.

The 2nd Natural Law of Healing:

energy output ("stress") must be balanced

by energy-intake ("healing")

It's the biological version of the First Law of Thermodynamics (also called "The Law of Conservation of Energy").

It's so simple! Why doesn't anyone know this stuff?

In the Age of Reason, we kind of forgot how the laws of physics and consciousness work together. So thought leaders until the late 20th Century just decided that the body and the mind are totally separate things, that the brain has nothing to do with the cells of our body, that illness and thoughts have nothing to do with each other.

So we don't get that when we have stressful thoughts, there is an energetic toll on our body. That energetic debt then must be paid back. This natural and necessary healing process is the origin of many, many health symptoms, as we are forced to lay up, rest, and nourish our bodies in recovery.

The 2nd Natural Law of Healing is at work on your mind and body 24/7. It's the reason you went to bed when you did last night and why you woke up this morning and it's also responsible for the first thought you had today and how you feel in your body right now.

So get comfortable with the idea of being a consciousness focused into a biological form, and embrace that day-night cycle. Life goes so much more smoothly when you ride the wave.

Watch the video to find out exactly what this means for you



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