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13 "Proof" of the Natural Laws of Healing

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"Incurable Symptoms"

Those of us who care about health are pretty good at handling an occasional sniffle or muscle spasm or other temporary illness. But what about those symptoms that we get that we never find out the cause of …or cure for.

We go from one specialist to another, we try various “out of the box” alternative health solutions. But for too many of us, too often, and even too soon …we begin to accept that the symptom is just part of how our life is going to be from now on.

The reason we give up on overcoming illnesses and instead just start living with the symptom permanently is that modern medicine today rests on a set of “proven facts.” Scientifically-proven facts like the Germ Theory of Disease, or the concept of the so-called “selfish gene.” Why go looking for a cure for MS when it’s a medical “fact” that this condition is incurable?

I’ll tell you why.

Because it’s NOT a proven fact.

There’s no such thing as a proven fact! (Scientific or otherwise)

But not understanding this, conventional medical approaches to diagnosis and care make 5 terrible mistakes:

  1. Assuming that if the cause isn't removable, the patient must switch her goal to “coping." The conventional approach is to give up on the goal of healing.
  2. Assuming that the health "condition" is a thing. Once it afflicts you, the treatment goal is to last as long as you can with this condition. Conventional care will have you increase treatment and decrease other activities in life.
  3. Assuming that our symptoms arise from strictly physical factors, such as anatomical defects including brain chemistry defects, which combine in a perfect storm with outside triggers. Conventional medicine says this is random, now that body part is damaged. Bad luck.
  4. Assuming that, since the environment is a "cause" or "trigger" of the symptom, the only way to control the symptom is to avoid the environmental triggers. Again, the conventional approach recommends that we avoid life to avoid our symptom.
  5. Assuming that if a symptom doesn't respond to treatment, it's simply an incurable condition and that's just life. The conventional response is to point out small possibilities that might make your condition a little more bearable.

These mistakes come from a false dogma. Escaping that dogma is a huge step in the direction of finding a true cure, no matter the symptom.

Listen to Episode 13 of the Mind Over Symptom Podcast to find out how religious dogma has created a massive bias in health care today …and also how a new scientific discovery spreading around the world today can overthrow that dogma and help you achieve a “medical miracle” today.


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