“Proof” of the Natural Laws of Healing (Podcast)

There are many symptoms for which the health industry has never found a cause or a cure. After trying the conventional treatments without success, most people begin to accept their symptom as a permanent condition.

The reason we quit looking for the solution is because we have a mechanistic paradigm. This widespread cultural belief rests on a set of “proven facts.” Like the Germ Theory of Disease, the concept of the heart as a pump, or the idea that cancer is when our DNA gets damaged. Why go looking for a cure when it’s a proven fact that the condition is incurable?

Because there’s no such thing as a proven fact in science.

In mathematics, yes. We prove that x = y. But in science we never prove anything. We disprove things.

We create hypotheses and then we test the hypotheses every way we can think of to try to prove them wrong. Only if a hypothesis stands up to every single test every single time can we begin to trust it. And we can never trust it fully, because that would require running infinite tests.

All we can ever say is that a hypothesis hasn’t yet been disproven. That’s why we have the Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Relativity. We don’t have the Proven Fact of Evolution or the Proven Fact of Relativity.

Health Care Isn’t Scientific

The health industry does not understand this, because the health industry isn’t scientific. Instead of testing hypotheses, health professionals depend on dogma:

“If I don’t know the cure, this must be incurable. If this is incurable, it’s because you’re broken. If you’re broken, you’ll stay broken; your symptom is permanent. If your symptom is permanent, my job as a health professional is to help you cope. Now that you’re living permanently with this symptom, your goal is to last as long as you can in a losing battle against it. The course of the battle includes increasing treatments as your body deteriorates. How long you last is a matter of statistical fortune. Finally, you’ll have to decrease all other activities because you need to avoid the environments where your symptom came from.”

Nothing about this is scientific.

It’s a technological response, based in a mechanistic dogma: a set of unquestioned beliefs. Many of which have been disproven with science.

This is what Dr. Hamer found out when he discovered the five biological laws that govern symptoms and healing. He discovered that the health industry’s goal is to stop looking for a solution, to give up on your healing, and to continue to apply disproven beliefs.

Just as, 400 years ago, the health industry (such as it was) insisted on applying disproven beliefs about demonic possession and bad air. Today, the health industry insists on applying disproven beliefs about your body and the rest of nature being one big machine. Letting go of this dogma is your first step in overcoming any symptom.

Listen to Episode 13 of the Mind Over Symptom Podcast to find out how the health industry developed this massive dogma …and also how a new scientific discovery spreading around the world can overthrow that dogma and help you achieve a “medical miracle.”


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