12 Premises of Spiritual Healing

  1. My mind and body are two aspects of a single system: my organism.
  2. There is an ongoing conversation between my mind and my body. My body constantly responds to my thoughts while my mind continually listens to feedback sensations from my body.
  3. My organism is a living production, scripted in the language of sensation.
  4. 4 My brain is the transmitter and receiver of this sensation.
  5. The language of sensation speaks of mobility and agility, strength and stability, balance, ease, and flexibility.
  6. I am not my organism. I am spirit, the creative potential, the Atman, the ultimate reality, the subjective Self, Consciousness, the formless and timeless observer of Quantum Reality.
  7. From the formless and timeless Quantum Potential, I originate my organism in the image and likeness of my divine nature.
  8. Because formless and timeless Quantum Potential is the source of all physical reality, we are all one. Every person I meet is an aspect of myself.
  9. The Law of Conservation of Energy requires every physical organism to adhere to its script at all times.
  10. I experience my organism’s adherence to its script as “desire.”
  11. I alone know and meet the desires of my organism, for I have created it and continue to create it.
  12. The essence of spiritual healing is to choose joy for my organism and for all life everywhere: to heal by feeling good.

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