Do You Really Want to Heal? (Podcast)

Got a symptom you’ve “tried everything” to fix but nothing’s worked? Underlying your symptom is not an incurable condition but a belief.

That’s a belief in the status quo. A belief that you are a statistic.

We live in a culture that worships statistical averages. That equates the centre of the bell curve with goodness and righteousness. And dismisses the abnormal outliers.

Like the 10-20% of lung cancer patients who recover. The people with Down syndrome who have above-average IQ’s. The women who stay fertile into their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Although we seek treatment in hopes of being one of these outliers, the health industry can never promise such results. That would be giving you false hope.

So while we hope for those amazing (but anomalous) results, we try all the standard approaches instead. And when those don’t work, more often than not we give up.

There’s No Silver Bullet

While we wait for the outside-in solution, we’re doing the opposite of healing. Because while we’re busy focussing on being normal, we’re not resolving the symptom at its source.

When Dr. Hamer discovered the five natural laws of healing, he realized symptoms are part of the evolutionary process. Healing means developing a skill or ability you don’t yet have. Pursuing “normal” means NOT evolving. Because it’s avoiding obstacles rather than identifying and overcoming them. Looking for a quick fix to hand you your evolution can never work.

Listen to Episode 12 of the Mind Over Symptom Podcast, “Do You Really Want to Heal?” to learn how to find and overcome the obstacles to your healing.


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