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12 Do You Really Want to Heal?

Mind Over Symptom | Overcome Your Symptom at Its Source

The Thing About Unsolvable Problems...

Everyone, sooner or later, gets stuck with a chronic, repeating, or “incurable” health condition for which there is no known cure.

(And incurable symptoms happen not just in our bodies but in other aspects of our lives as well)

Underlying any condition that we believe we've "tried everything" to fix is not an incurable condition but another, deeper belief.

That's a belief in the status quo.

A belief that your outcome - your current state - is a result of statistics. A belief that you are a statistic.

How can you know that this is the case? Because you and I live in a society that dismisses the outliers for being "abnormal" and irrelevant.

Outliers like the 10% (or more) of lung cancer patients who survive and recover.

The people with Down syndrome who have above-average IQ's.

The women who have remained fertile into their 50's.

These kinds of anomalies are thought to be the exceptions that "prove" the rules. You're not encouraged to try to be one of these (because that would be giving you false hope).

So it's normal, when you want to make a change, to try all the standard approaches first.

Not that it will lead to those amazing (but anomalous) results you really want ...but it's what everyone does.

The Danger of the Easy-Button

While we wait for the outside-in solution, we’re not doing what we actually need to do to heal. We're too busy doing the "normal" things instead, and that's a big part of why the statistics are the way they are.

Following the usual options, following the norm, puts our focus on trying to be normal, instead of on resolving the symptom at its source.

While we wait for the outside-in solution, we decrease the likelihood of healing.

Screw the Status Quo

To truly heal, you have to learn a new skill, something that you currently are very bad at. Plus, there are obstacles in the way of you learning this new skill.

But this new skill - a skill most people in your situation never even bother to look for because they're looking for the silver bullet instead - is how you will heal.

Listen to Episode 12 of the Mind Over Symptom Podcast, "Do You Really Want to Heal?" to learn how to overcome the 3 obstacles preventing you from having the healing you desire.


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