The Life-Saving Difference Between Treatment and Healing (Podcast)

Health professionals are absolutely brilliant at saving your life …when you’ve got a mechanical problem with your anatomy.

Like injury, poisoning, or malnutrition. Intestinal or respiratory blockage, serious infection, intense psychological distress.

But the health industry, conventional or alternative, doesn’t have cures for idiopathic illness. Diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, AIDS, stroke, or even the common cold are incurable from the mechanistic paradigm of the health industry.

Health professionals are attached to the idea of “fighting” symptoms rather than understanding them. That’s what “treatment” is.

This philosophy of treating symptoms doesn’t heal illness (and can make it worse) because idiopathic symptoms are part of the body’s natural response to traumatic stress. They’re the body’s attempt to resolve that traumatic stress experience.

Treating is Not Healing

The word “heal” means “to make whole.” As Dr. Hamer discovered, your body is constantly striving to do this. Symptoms are your body’s way of helping you to heal you from trauma. This is their biological purpose.

Treatment, on the other hand, seeks to defend against, resist, or outright battle the biological response.

Sometimes this “fight” helps people to resolve the traumatic stress experience that the symptoms are trying to heal. If it doesn’t, though, the result of treatment can be more stress, more trauma, and more symptoms.

Listen to Episode 10 of the Mind Over Symptom Podcast, “The Life-Saving Difference Between Treatment and Healing,” to find out how to heal your symptoms at the source …and use treatment to help that process.


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