The 3rd Natural Law of Healing


The 3rd Natural Law of Healing: how is my symptom relevant to my conflict?

It's the "Secret Anatomy Lesson" they don't teach at school. (Because schools have no idea)

What if you could understand the specific, intelligent, and meaningful reason for your symptom? Our first reaction to health symptoms is usually fear because we assume symptoms mean that our bodies are "broken." And we assume that symptoms mean our bodies are broken, because we view our bodies in a grossly oversimplified way.

The human mind-body system - your "biocomputer" - is so exquisitely complex that it would make the biggest supercomputer on the planet look like a toy.

But if you had a simple way of knowing exactly what part of your body is producing the symptom, wouldn't that take away a lot of the fear?

In my personal experience, this knowledge absolutely does take away the fear. Completely. And I had panic disorder, so I was afraid all the time.

Knowing the exact conflict that's causing your symptom is a huge part of the cure for your symptom

When I discovered the 3rd Natural Law of Healing, I stopped being afraid of what my body was doing. I also began to resolve my symptoms much faster than before ...or even avoid them altogether.

The 3rd Natural Law of Healing says that everything your body is doing is relevant, appropriate, and totally under control. Nature makes no mistakes.

Watch the video and learn exactly how it works.

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