Single Case Consult – Identify the Cause of Your Symptom

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Identify the Cause of Your Symptom(s)

Find out the specific cause of a symptom or syndrome (your own or someone you care about) in a 20-minute Single Case Consult session.

$97 (CAD)

In this session, held by video meeting (e.g. Skype) or over the phone, you will find out the type of conflict(s) that's creating your symptom/illness and what to expect in the conflict-active phase and in the healing phase.

Book this 20-30 minute consult session to get an overview of the cause of a specific symptom or syndrome (your own or someone else's).

Often this information is enough for you to bring the trauma up from the unconscious and naturally begin to heal it on your own.

I will offer further suggestions and support for your healing, if you express interest.

You will also receive a short follow-up report with a summary of the session details.

Fill out the form below to provide information about your situation, pay for your consult, and choose your appointment time and date. You will receive further details about how the session works by e-mail.




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