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*NEW* Answers 2 Cancer online course

This course dispels five big medical myths about cancer that scare us and make our symptoms worse.

Why is cancer so scary? Because the disease is mysterious and elusive. And because we're losing the battle against it.

With our top medical minds around the world researching, with huge advances in technology to diagnose cancer, with the largest charitable society in the history of the world working to solve this problem for over 100 years now, and even with 45 years of all-out "war on cancer"  ...the problem is actually getting worse.


Your individual chance of being diagnosed with cancer is 1 in 3 (actually, 1 in 2 if you're a man). And, once diagnosed, your chance of surviving more than 5 years in conventional cancer treatment is less than 40%.

Yet scientific discoveries from outside the medical system show that these don't have to be your results. These scientific discoveries were made at a German teaching hospital in the 1980's by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer, who was head of oncology at that time.

Please note: this is the pilot version of the Answers 2 Cancer course because I’m still developing the course and collecting client feedback. So, the bad news is that the course is a little “rough around the edges.” But the good news is, the price is 75% off…plus, you get to help me create a course that meets your needs. 🙂

By understanding the basic science of cancer, you not only dispel your fear of cancer, you also take control over your health. Dr. Hamer's findings, when taught to cancer patients, resulted in survival rates over 90% - a statistic completely unheard of in conventional cancer care today.

Mind Over Symptom: how to overcome ANY symptom (by resolving it at its source)

(free training)

MindTree Health | Healthy Mind Healthy Body

As your doctor will tell you, almost all illness is caused by stress.

But how does "stress" give you cancer, autism ...or even the common cold?

How, exactly, does the "mind-body connection" really work?

This free training will walk you through the exact mechanisms that turn a stressful outer situation into an uncomfortable inner problem ...and from there, into a symptom.

Click here to start the Mind Over Symptom training. (6 lessons in total)

The 5 Natural Laws of Healing: Cure the "Incurable" and Heal Anything Today

A simple but profound "user's manual" for any conscious being who currently owns a body.

You'll be able to understand exactly why your body and emotions do what they do ...and how you can feel better starting today.

Discovered by cancer doctor, Dr. Ryke G. Hamer in the early 1980's, The Five Natural Laws of Healing ("the Five Biological Laws of Nature," as Dr. Hamer calls them) explain why everyone develops specific symptoms after specific experiences, and for specific reasons.

Discover the revolutionary principles that have already saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Click here to download your free report, "The Five Natural Laws of Healing: cure the "incurable" and healing anything today..."

"This process helps people to hone in on what is really important, helping to narrow down a problem to its core. It’s been a tremendous help to me and can improve and/or heal any personal issue.” ~Esther G.

Sessions to Help You Resolve Your Problem

I use what I call the MindTree Integration Process™   to help you uncover, shift, and dissolve the biological conflicts (unresolved traumatic stress experiences) that are causing each of your symptoms.

MindTree Health #MindTreeIntegration

The MindTree Integration Process™ is a communication technique.

It combines Clearing Communication developed by Charles Berner with use of the 5 Natural Laws of Healing (the "5 Biological Laws") discovered by Dr. Ryke G. Hamer.

In our sessions, together we directly access the unconscious mental structures that are creating your symptoms. Then we work into them until we find the part of the conflict which is the "seed" of the entire trauma.

This system can help you to:

  • access the specific internal cause of your symptom in your brain programming (not in your anatomy or genes or diet or environment or relationships)
  • clear up your thinking so that you are directing your thoughts and emotions (not the other way around)
  • get perspective on your mind as something that your brain does, not something that you are (or something that "happens" to you)
  • see the higher, spiritual reason why you have created your symptoms
  • set useful and satisfying goals ....and know that you can achieve them.

This system CANNOT help you to:

  • fix or change your symptom by changing your physical environment or any external circumstance
  • compensate for genetic or other predisposing factors if you believe they are creating your symptoms
  • undertake prescribed dietary or other physical changes or therapies in hope that these external actions will fix problems originating from the inside
  • change your brain or body out of the belief that this will make you happy or healthy

The Case Consult Session (20 Minutes)

Single Case Consult

Find out the general cause of any symptom or syndrome in a 20-minute Case Consult session.

In this discovery session, you will find out:

  1. what kind of trauma (biological conflict) creates your specific symptom,
  2. how to know whether you are experiencing an active biological conflict or whether you are in the healing phase,
  3. any issues to be concerned about, such as getting caught in "hanging healing," or complications which can arise with your specific symptom,
  4. a scientific perspective on the common medical literature associated with your symptom,
  5. suggestions for resolving your conflict and accelerating your healing.

You'll also receive a follow-up summary of the information you have received.

Please note: we do not apply the MindTree Integration Process™ or attempt to resolve the symptom during the Case Consult.

(If you would like help to resolve your symptom, please book a Symptom-Clearing session)

Click here to book your Case Consult session.

"The session with Lishui was very helpful, I felt lighter and happier after and during the session with her. I felt that finally I have the answers about the issues related to my health. I understood that nothing is wrong with me, and it is just a normal reaction of my body to follow my path and the truth in my life. I felt understood, I felt that my thoughts are complete. I felt inspired by her energy, and passion for her work and life. Thank you Lishui for your amazing work, you have truly an unique gift." ~Carmen Mezinca

The Symptom-Clearing Session (90 Minutes)

MindTree Health Process

The goals of your Symptom-Clearing session are to:

  • discover why you are creating your symptom
  • resolve past trauma experiences that you have not been able to integrate on your own
  • experience a rapid alleviation of the mental-emotional aspects of your symptom (anxiety, sadness, anger, etc)
  • learn how to support yourself through healing of the physical aspects of your symptom
  • turn your "problem" into a "project."

The Symptom-Clearing session  is designed to dismantle your symptom at its source. This powerful experience will produce changes in the way you think and respond.

(If you would prefer to just find out the cause of the symptom, please book a Case Consult session)


“[Facial paralysis/Bell's Palsy] I was feeling unable to move on from a shocking situation. Feeling heavy in my body and my mind jumbled. After the session, I felt more complete about the situation. I was relieved to be able to move through it and I felt stress leave my body. I had more movement in my face, less numbness and could smile again. I also felt more empowered to know that if something like this happens again I will be able to support myself through it or have Lishui to call for a session. I felt comfortable and it was easy to understand so I could trust what I was experiencing after our session. Thanks again for this.” ~Melissa Sarazin, My Authentic Nature

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