Radical Self-Healing

You Must Seek Our Expertise

If you don’t know how your car works, then you live at the mercy of the auto mechanic.

The dashboard lights come on or your car makes a funny sound, and all you can do is fork over your money.

Hopefully, that car will get you to work tomorrow.

(So you can earn more money to pay for your next car repair)

But what if you knew the basics of how your car works? What if you could figure out why it’s making that squeak or jiggle or weird smell?

If you knew a bit about how your car works, then you could go to the parts store and fix the problem yourself. You’d recognize problems and correct them before they become serious. You could extend the life of your car by years!

It’s exactly the same with your body.

The predominant model of health care today is a reactionary “blame care” model. It doesn’t help us find the real solution to health symptoms.

In fact, the medical system is the #3 cause of death in North America!

Most health care approaches today look for something wrong with your body. Then they try to patch you back together with an “emergency” solution.

But your body doesn’t create symptoms because it’s “broken.” Your body manifests every symptom – physical, emotional, or psychological – for a good reason.

The real reason for every symptom is that your body is responding to stress or threat of trauma ...what we call a "biological conflict." This is a brain-mediated response, and it will continue as long as the biological conflict continues.

When you know the cause of your symptom, the solution becomes possible.

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