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Transform Your Health in 90 Days

Are you getting "sick" of external fixes that
just aren't solving your health problem?

I help conscious, dogma-agnostic people who are used to being highly responsible in their personal and professional lives to get control of their biology in order to end their symptoms, to work with their bodies to meet their bodies' needs, and to achieve immunity and wellness.

This level of healing transformation is for people who are DONE with outside-in treatments that never seem to work (whether they're conventional, like radiation and drug treatments, or alternative, like supplements and reiki treatments). Instead, you will get nothing but hardcore answers based in the latest science.

Yes, there's very good news here: the answers exist. They come from new scientific findings over the past four decades.

Unfortunately for many people with serious illnesses, the new science will likely take many more years to make it into your doctor or naturopath's practice.

But, with my help, the resolution to your serious, chronic, or complex symptom pattern can be yours just three months from now

Here's how:

"Immune" is a 90-day ultimate personal empowerment program.

This is the biggest health transformation I have to offer. I've created this science-based system to deliver results for highly-committed clients ready to invest three short months into making dramatic shifts in their symptoms and serious change to their state of health.

My clients achieve the bodies and lives they desire with the revolutionary MindTree Integration Process™.

What "Immune" can help you achieve


A separation between you and your physical symptoms so that you have control. What would you do tomorrow if you felt supported by life and if you could express yourself ...without getting shut down by pain, exhaustion, or crushing fear, anger, or self-doubt?


Safety.  How would your life change if you could eat what you like, go where you want, and be with who you want to be with ...without an allergy attack knocking you to your knees, unfamiliar environments draining your last bit of energy, or new situations battering your sensitivities?


Mastery of your life, your mind, and your experience. Waking up every morning so energized and happy (dare I say youthful?) that you cannot wait to leap out of bed and seize your day. What would you give to this world if you were living from a state of bounty, beauty, and bliss?

"Immune" Program Outline

"Immune" is a 12-week program.

This powerful program is designed to help you:

  • Take control: achieve an end to your symptoms
  • Empower your body: switch on powerful "immunity" against new illness
  • Get better: create the body and life you love

The Program designed to keep you moving forward and breaking down your barriers until they are all gone. What remains is the perfect wellness.

The basis of the program is that perfect wellness is the default state for every living being. In people of modern global civilization, however, this default wellness is "obscured" because of accumulated traumas, false solutions, and unresolved barriers to our deeper goals.

✔︎ Weekly 1:1 symptom-clearing sessions with the MindTree Integration Process™

12 weekly 1:1 sessions with the MindTree Integration Process™. Specifically tailored to your symptoms and the underlying challenges which are the source of your symptoms.
Defuse sensitivities, allergies, etc - Get out of mental/emotional/relationship loops and patterns. Break addictions. Quickly reduce inflammation, pain, joint destruction, etc. Assert boundaries. Reverse aging, degenerative disorders e.g. MS. Cancer, etc into remission and stop "metastasis" instantly. Turn on your "immune switch" and no longer be vulnerable to contagious illnesses. Experience improved relationships since you will relate more healthily. Stop chronic illness and dismantle your "syndrome" (including genetic syndrome).

✔︎ Instructional materials every week
Absorb the powerful principles of new scientific discoveries that are on the verge of revolutionizing the entire health care industry (but your doctor doesn't know yet, because this new science hasn't yet worked its way through last century's medical dogma!)
Aside from the huge cost savings because you'll understand conventional and alternative medical treatments and be able to pick and choose wisely (many supplements, drugs, treatments, etc are not necessary, especially as a permanent regimen), you'll understand the real role of therapies, nutrition, and exercise. No need to punish yourself with diet and exercise, you'll learn how to love your body to health instead. You'll even understand epigenetics and how to change your genetic disposition to achieve life goals that your health has been getting in the way of.

✔︎ Exclusive techniques
Special self-healing techniques, symptom charts, and more.
Clear your perspective so your personal MindTree structure becomes apparent and you can instantly recognize the situations that trigger your symptoms. This lets you stop the symptoms at their source.

✔︎Unlimited support between sessions
E-mail support whenever you need it.
End anxiety, feel unconditionally supported. No more obsessing about the negative. Experience a wellspring of energy, like when you were a kid.

Investment: $3400 or $1400 per month for three months.

Ongoing support is available after the program.

All prices in Canadian dollars (CAD).


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