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The Symptom-Clearing Session

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Conventional treatment can be very slow (or, in many cases, never cures you at all) because it is attempting to heal the body by itself, without addressing the true source of your symptoms: unresolved traumas. Real healing – by resolving internal mental and emotional traumas – happens at the speed of thought.
Experience this rapid and enlightening healing process in your 1.5-hour Resolve Your Symptom at its Source session.

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Why It’s So Important to Get Help

Profoundly depressed, I sat on a rainy beach and wallowed in the shit that my young life had already become.
In just one year, after uprooting everything and starting again, my life was just the same as it had been, only worse. And then I saw it: there was only one common denominator between the life I’d had one year before and the life I had now. Me.

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How Your Mind Works …or Doesn’t

It’s hard to understand your own mind in the same way that it’s hard to see your own eyeball. But you do know what your eyeball looks like, because you’ve seen pictures and because you looked in the mirror, too. In the same way – using mirrors, magification techniques, science, and curiosity – you can…

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Dear Friends, I’ve Been Infected For twenty years, I’ve carried in my heart a grand vision of building a network of Earth Healing retreat centres around the world. But finally I’ve come to understand that this vision hasn’t been able to emerge because I was long ago infected with a psychic virus which consistently puts…

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