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Three Types of Stroke (and What You Can Do About Them)

The World Health Organization lists stroke as the second leading cause of death worldwide.There are few if any treatments.This model of the phenomenon of stroke classifies three types of stroke: Ischaemic stroke, Transient Ischaemic Attack, and Hemorrhagic Stroke. Each type has a distinct cause (and potential solution). But only one of these types of stroke is a real stroke.

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Mind Over Coronary Artery Disease

Despite amazing medical technology to help repair your body after a heart attack …there’s still a huge gap in preventing and curing coronary artery disease BEFORE it takes your life. For over half of patients, death is the first symptom. Discover the one major sign that tells you not only whether you’re going to have a coronary heart attack …but WHEN.

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The Symptom-Clearing Session

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Conventional treatment can be very slow (or, in many cases, never cures you at all) because it is attempting to heal the body by itself, without addressing the true source of your symptoms: unresolved traumas. Real healing – by resolving internal mental and emotional traumas – happens at the speed of thought.
Experience this rapid and enlightening healing process in your 1.5-hour Resolve Your Symptom at its Source session.

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The 4th Natural Law of Healing

The 4th Natural Law of Healing is the Law of Ecology Immunity is a result of ecological harmony with all other beings. Outside of us …and inside of us. 1864: the First Case of a Pandemic Viral Infection Because of a glitch that’s created a disconnect between body and mind in this amazing Age of Reason,…

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The 3rd Natural Law of Healing

The 3rd Natural Law of Healing: how is my symptom relevant to my conflict? It’s the “Secret Anatomy Lesson” they don’t teach at school. (Because schools have no idea) What if you could understand the specific, intelligent, and meaningful reason for your symptom? Our first reaction to health symptoms is usually fear because we assume symptoms mean that our bodies…

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How Disease Happens

For thousands of years, it’s been a fundamental premise of Western culture that discomfort, unusual behaviour, or changes to our bodies are bad things. Resulting from evil forces. Conventional medical philosophy, in particular, believes this. It just uses different words, such as “malignancy,” “genetic control,” “toxin,” and “viruses.” The belief in bad things happening due…

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