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If you're trying to solve a health problem and you want to let go of fear, frustration, and external “fixes” that aren’t working, you've come to the right place. As a personal health consultant and an expert in "mind-body biology" as it relates to overcoming illness, I can help you to take control and empower your body to make yourself better (even when none of the conventional or alternative treatments has made a difference).

Would you like to learn more about the biology of illness, why we get the symptoms we get, and how it's possible to take control of our bodies to make ourselves better? Check out the Mind Over Symptom blog, podcast, and video collection.

If you’re feeling sick and out of options (and, even worse, thinking it’s all your fault) ...and you want to start feeling well, healthy, and like you can trust your body, we should talk.

Do you have a technical question about a specific illness or symptom? Consider sharing your question on social media. You never know who we might help if we start the conversation! Message me your question at any of my favourite social media locations:

If you'd prefer to keep it private, don't worry, that works too. Just contact me directly:

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"The concepts behind MindTree Health are truly life changing. I incorporate Lishui's teachings in my daily life. Right after a session, there is always a huge growth period where you come closer to your high self. I would recommend Mindtreehealth to a spiritual soul that is willing to do the ground work to get results."

~Erynn Guild Author/Co-creator at Monsterland Stories

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