What Your Doctor Did NOT Learn in Medical School

Your MindTree is Making You Sick

Your "MindTree" is the programs, branching thoughts, and sub-routines that run in your brain.

It's all the thoughts you think, all the beliefs you have, every decision you've ever made ...and every symptom-producing special biological program of Nature.

Like leaves on a tree collect sunlight that feeds the whole tree right down to the roots, your moment-by-moment experiences feed from your senses down through your whole MindTree.

Then your MindTree creates an "output," based on special biological programs of Nature that are hardwired into your brain to run if you have certain kinds of traumatic stress experiences.

The output of your MindTree is what you experience as physical or emotional symptoms, allergies, compulsions, addictions, pain, tissue changes, functional changes, "disease," or any other kind of symptom.

How Does Symptom-Clearing Work? Introducing the MindTree Integration Process™

Imagine being able to enjoy your "ride" in your body the way a skilled driver might enjoy gliding a Ferrari up the California coastline, absolutely confident in the well-designed responsiveness of the powerful machine that's making this blissful experience possible.

Imagine being able to deal with any symptom that arises in your body or emotions with complete confidence in the well-designed responsiveness and power of ...yourself.

Your doctor cannot create this experience for you because your doctor is an expert at anatomy, like a mechanic. While a good mechanic/doctor can build you an amazing Ferrari, she can't give you a good driving experience if you do not know how to drive or if you get stuck in a traffic jam and run out of gas on your way to a job you hate!

The MindTree Integration ProcessTM is a powerful communication technique used to resolve and clear your internal stress caused by unresolved trauma. Based on the 5 Natural Laws of Healing which form a scientific "map of the mind-body connection," in the session we:

  • discover what situation(s) your symptoms are a response to;
  • work out how different symptoms relate to one another;
  • understand whether each symptom is a response to an active stress, or is a "hanging healing" symptom from a program that you need to complete; and
  • actually shift and resolve the traumatic shock that's creating your symptom.

The 5 natural laws of healing show a direct correlation between the symptom, patterns in the brain, and the threatening situation you've experienced. This correlation exists in 100% of the tens of thousands of cases which have been documented to date.

Because the MindTree Integration ProcessTM resolves the unconscious program that's the source of the symptom (rather than creating more stress), it can help you to feel good very quickly.

The result is a feeling of clarity, openness, and an unburdening, first of the mental and emotional components of the former symptom-causing conflict.

One of the first very noticeable differences is the alleviation of fear of your symptom and anxiety about your body. Your physical symptom completes its healing naturally and gently over the days and weeks following the dissolution of the conflict.

Once the special biological program of Nature in your MindTree has been cleared, your body will promptly start returning back to normal. This is called the "healing phase" and it produces its own symptoms.

(In fact, 80% of all symptoms are really healing phase symptoms)

It may be appropriate to use conventional and alternative therapies to support or ease this healing. At the end of the session, I will provide information about the biology of your healing, which will help you to choose the right supporting practitioner or therapies if that is your desire.

The short-term goal of the Symptom-Clearing session (in which we use the MindTree Integration Process™)  is to alleviate your main symptom.

But it's really common to have several special biological programs of Nature running at once.

After you clear a program out of your MindTree, then, it can be like pruning a branch out of a regular tree. What can happen is that other unresolved conflicts fill in the empty space left by pruning out the big branch. This makes you feel like an old problem is coming back. It also makes what seemed like small problems before now seem like bigger problems.

(But, in fact, you've actually made progress!)

Ultimately, you'll eventually want to address all the biggest "branches" of your MindTree. (Why get rid of one problem and then just stop?) So another goal of the MindTree Integration Process™ is to show you exactly what it feels like to access and resolve conflicts, providing you with a system you can use to address other issues.

Sometimes all the traumatic stress programs are linked together in a rather straightforward way to one main symptom. But sometimes several symptoms combine to produce a complex or a syndrome. In these cases, we find ourselves stuck in patterns, oscillating health, repeating crises, or with a treatment for one symptom that makes another symptom worse. This is common is also resolvable with the MindTree Integration Process™.

The more you integrate your MindTree, the fewer programs you find ...but the impact each of them has on your life is bigger. For this reason, you'll get more results in a shorter time as you continue to do the work.

The "ultimate" result - once all your programs are cleared - is a sustained state of presence, aliveness, and vibrant good health (aka "enlightenment"). You learn to resolve new experiences right away, before they can manifest as symptoms.

Your  Symptom-Clearing session will likely reveal the best strategy to move forward with a complete healing transformation, and I will offer further support at the end of the session, if appropriate.

About MindTree Health

"My neck hurt for two weeks. After our session, I felt extremely relaxed, I could let my body totally relax and I felt safe. I learned a lot about my body and mind so that I wasn't panicked that it was something else wrong with me." ~Diana K.

"While I wanted to see fairness and justice served, I really didn't want to have to go to court again. Lishui helped me to respond from my centre, rather than react and I did not have to go to court after all. What made the difference for me was Lishui's non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and sincere approach. This process helps people to hone in on what is really important, helping to narrow down a problem to its core. It's been a tremendous help to me and can improve and/or heal any personal issue." ~Esther G.

"I realized that despite my problems, I am quite capable. I found Lishui a very caring, easy-to-talk-to woman with a great knowledge of how to help others realize what they are going through. The thing that stuck with me most was during the session when Lishui would say 'thank you' ...she really listened and understood and accepted how I was feeling." ~Anon.

"Through the health assessment questionnaire and my sessions, Lishui helped me to define my areas of concern, helped me reinforce things I knew to be true or false. I appreciate Lishui's caring attitude, her reassurance that it doesn't have to happen all at once, her discretion, her confidence in the work she is doing, and the ease of scheduling …I have seen first hand results of Lishui's work. It would be good to see her again." ~Patricia Laughing Hawk

"[Facial paralysis/Bell's Palsy] I was feeling unable to move on from a shocking situation. Feeling heavy in my body and my mind jumbled. After my session, I felt more complete about the situation. I was relieved to be able to move through it and I felt stress leave my body. I had more movement in my face, less numbness and could smile again. I also felt more empowered to know that if something like this happens again I will be able to support myself through it or have Lishui to call for a session. I felt comfortable and it was easy to understand so I could trust what I was experiencing after our session. Thanks again for this." ~Melissa Sarazin, My Authentic Nature

About Lishui K Springford

Your guide for radical self-healing.

Your guide for rapid self-healing.

Lishui is a natural scientist with over 25 years' experience in helping to resolve "symptoms" in humans and in larger biological systems. Initially she worked as an environmental officer supervising site cleanup, regional waste, wastewater, and water management systems. In 2005, she expanded her work into brain development, permaculture design, and the 5 biological laws discovered by cancer doctor, Dr. Ryke Hamer. She has also taught ecology.

Her purpose in life is to learn and show the world the physical and biological rules that allow us to create whatever we desire. Her lifework was revealed through a crisis brought on by struggling from an exponentially-increasing barrage of health symptoms despite constant vigilance, a restrictive diet, and many visits to medical and alternative health practitioners. After the birth of left her career in environmental cleanup and enforcement, and learned the principles of new medicine, mind clearing, ecological design, brain development, and the principles of spiritual awakening.

Lishui is an expert in the biology of illness and the structure of the mind-body connection. Through these learnings, she has healed herself and helped many other people to heal from chronic and serious health and life problems, including cancer, autistic constellation, blood sugar problems, addiction, painful relationship patterns, and much more.

Her current mission is to build free healing retreat centres and food forests around the world.

Here’s to your health!