The 5 (Unbreakable) Natural Laws of Healing

image credit: Tony Webster

Trying different treatments is stressful.

So's having a symptom you can't get rid of.

But most stressful of all is the unresolved trauma that’s actually causing your symptom.

The majority of both conventional and alternative treatment systems keep trying different "outside-in" combinations from their limited toolkits in the hope of finding cures for symptoms by a process of elimination.

This can get expensive in both money and time.

But more importantly: for organic illnesses...

(that is, symptoms that arise in your body without an obvious cause in the form of injury, poisoning, or malnutrition)

this treatment approach just doesn’t work.

Virtually none of the top illnesses is curable through conventional or most alternative methods.

(World Health Organization statisticsCanadian cancer statistics, and info from the Journal of the American Medical Association)

TREATABLE, maybe ...CURABLE, no.

The reason why "outside-in" treatment doesn't work is because the dominant health-care model is based on a paradigm of looking for the cause of your symptom in your body ...and the real cause is in your psyche.

In the 1980's, Dr. Hamer discovered a 5-point pattern of the formation of illness. And he began saving the lives of "incurable" and "terminal" patients all around the world.

Dr. Hamer realized that:

  1. Every symptom begins with a traumatic stress experience called a "biological conflict" (the Law of Conflict)
  2. We produce one symptom to respond to the biological conflict, and a different symptom to restore our bodies after we resolve the biological conflict (the Law of Process)
  3. The type of symptom that we produce in response to a biological conflict depends on the type of biological conflict that we have. This lets us easily figure out the real cause of the symptom, just by figuring out what part of the body is responding (the Law of Relevance)
  4. The environment (both around us and inside us) doesn't cause our symptom. Our reaction to the environment causes our symptom (the Law of Ecology)
  5. By overcoming a biological conflict, we evolve to a better state of health (the Law of Meaning)

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