Get well by accessing the mind-body connection, regardless of diagnosis.

Why should getting well feel bad?
(Hint: it shouldn't)

Healing should help you to feel better, not worse. Because "health" means "feeling good."

And it's the body's natural default state.

The key to healing anything from obesity to cancer is not to punish yourself with painful therapies or deprivations.

To get well, you have only one goal: to return your body and mind to a feel-good condition.

The reason why you don't you feel good is that there's something in the way. Every symptom, emotional pain, addiction, or syndrome is rooted in a biological conflict (an unresolved trauma experience).

MindTree Health is a system to master this mind-body connection, so you can feel good ...regardless of diagnosis. It works by using a communication technique called the MindTree Integration ProcessTM which helps you to release the internalized biological conflict (an unresolved trauma experience) that underlies your symptom.

The process itself is painless and helps people to feel lighter, clearer, better and healthier within an hour or so as their stress is released.

This is in stark contrast to most medical technologies - especially oncology, physiotherapy, and most psychiatry - which are based in the model that your stress is coming from outside of you or from forces inherent in the physical structure of your body or brain.

Because of the belief that symptoms happen to you (rather than understanding that you create symptoms as a stress response), conventional medicine (and many alternative systems) try to fight the symptoms directly:

  • diet restrictions
  • sedatives
  • chemotherapy
  • surgical intervention
  • behavioural controls
  • radiation treatments
  • immunosuppressants
  • metabolic intervention
  • hormone control

The idea that disease is a result of bad things - like germs, genetics, or mechanical stress ...maybe even evil forces - happening to your body is 180 degrees backward. Stress doesn't happen to you. Stress is something that you do.

This backward understanding of stress and illness  - that symptoms are causing stress instead of stress causing symptoms - means that the standard medical approach to illness is to add more stress.

As a result, many medical treatments don't make you feel good. They often make you feel bad.

This is why we avoid doing the things we've been taught we "should" do to stay in shape and avoid serious illnesses like cancer.

This is also why, when we do get a serious diagnosis, it can spiral out of control and lead to more and more symptoms.

MindTree Health is totally different. MindTree Health is about pursuing healing by removing what's making you feel bad.

Sometimes what's making you feel bad is a physical source such as a broken bone or a thorn in your hand or an intestinal blockage. In these cases, the solution is simple and this is where conventional medicine shines. Lifesaving medical intervention is a miracle of the modern age.

But most illnesses don't have an obvious physical source. Cancer, MS, diabetes, AIDS, autism, infectious illnesses, and hundreds of other types of symptoms cannot be explained by an obvious anatomical problem. We blame germs, genetics, carcinogens, allergens, age, and more ...but the science doesn't add up. The conventional medical view of how illness forms doesn't explain why, for example, 90% of smokers do not get a lung cancer diagnosis.

The MindTree Integration ProcessTM is a powerful communication technique used to resolve and clear the real source of every symptom your body can produce: your own internal stress caused by unresolved trauma called a biological conflict. It is based on 5 natural laws of healing which form a scientific "map" of the mind-body connection. The 5 natural laws of healing show a direct correlation between the symptom, patterns in the brain, and the biological conflict. This correlation exists in 100% of the tens of thousands of cases which have been documented to date.

Because the MindTree Integration ProcessTM resolves the stress which is the source of the symptom (rather than creating more stress), it really helps you to feel good feeling good!

This sets up a positive feedback that means the results are often very fast.

Using the 5 Natural laws of healing and the MindTree Integration ProcessTM, you can shift any symptom within 9 weeks.

The typical approach to resolving health issues:

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The way to dissolve your symptom at its source:

MindTree Health #MindTreeIntegration(1)


By understanding the real reason for your symptom (trauma or inner conflict), you can dissolve the biological programs that are making you tired, in pain, bummed out, and sick.

All symptoms - even life-threatening and "incurable" symptoms - can be shifted with the 5 Natural laws of healing.

You can create your perfect body ...and life.

From the INSIDE.