A Healthy Body Starts With a Healthy Mind

Typical approach to dealing with symptoms:

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How to resolve a symptom at its source:

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Health is your body's default condition.

Your health - or lack thereof - comes from inside you ...not from external forces of germs, allergens, or mechanical wear and tear.

The process is controlled by strict laws of Nature ...not by your genetic blueprint, luck, or supernatural forces.

Every symptom originates from a special biological program of Nature to help you protect yourself against perceived threats to your physical survival. These perceived threats always begin with a traumatic stress experience.

Most of us are running several of these special biological programs of Nature at any given time.

Medical technology has come a long way. We can repair or replace many parts of our bodies.

But all this amazing technology created a real barrier to your wellbeing.

Because conventional (and also most alternative) medicine is founded in a dogma that a symptom is a result of something being "wrong" with your body.

We don't trust Nature.

And reacting to your symptom as though Nature "messed up" or you're "broken" in some way makes you have all kinds of new traumatic shocks. Each new traumatic shock triggers new special biological program of Nature.

I call this branching structure of one unresolved symptom leading to another and another, the "MindTree."

Your MindTree is the reason for all your problems, including physical changes such as changes to the tissue ("cancer") or function ("cancer-equivalent") in different parts of your body.

But we can reverse this process by understanding what Nature is doing and then helping the process. There are 5 distinct stages, each governed by a Natural law.

What Level of Support Do You Need?

I help people to achieve optimum wellness through online training and sessions that show you how your mind-body connection works, help you to identify and resolve your special biological programs, and provide you with tools for ongoing self-care.

Embark on the health and life transformation that's right for you by starting with a 20-minute Case Consult session. In this information-only session, you'll discover what special biological program of Nature is creating your (or a loved one's) symptom, why that symptom is happening, and what needs to happen to resolve it.

Ready to jump right in? Let's start actually resolving that special biological program of Nature a 90-minute Symptom-Clearing session.

Case Consult Session

A 20-minute online session to explain the biological meaning of specific symptoms.


Symptom-Clearing Session

A 90-minute online session with the MindTree Integration Process™ to identify the source of your symptom and resolve it.