A Healthy Body Starts With a Healthy Mind

Every Symptom is Nature's Attempt to Help You

Typical approach to dealing with symptoms:

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How to resolve a symptom at its source:

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Health is your body's natural default state.

Your health - or lack thereof - comes from inside you ...not from external forces of germs, allergens, or mechanical wear and tear.

The process is controlled by strict laws of Nature ...not by your genetic blueprint, luck, or supernatural forces.

Every symptom originates from a special biological program of Nature to help you protect yourself against perceived threats to your physical survival. Most of us are running several of these special biological programs of Nature at any given time.

The 1st Natural Law of Healing explains how every special biological program of Nature begins: when you experience a traumatic shock experience, the unconscious part of your brain signals your body to produce an emergency response, which will be in the form of a literal change to the tissue or function in the part of your body that responds to this type of threat.

This is Nature's way of helping you to get out of that threatening situation. The emergency response that Nature uses to help you escape a potentially dangerous situation is what we know as a "symptom."

Every unusual behaviour, unwanted feeling, or change in your body tissues is a symptom. If you resolve the threatening situation that triggered this special biological program ...you will resolve the symptom, too.

So your point of power is to address the threats to your survival that you are perceiving at an unconscious level.

The primary wellness obstacle most of us have today is that both conventional and most alternative medicine are founded in a dogma that a symptom is a result of something being "wrong" with your body.

We do not trust Nature, so it never occurs to us to help Nature by understanding and intentionally completing those special biological programs.

When anything painful or weird happens in our minds or bodies or emotions, we focus 100% of our attention on the symptom ...while the reason for the symptom doesn't get any attention at all. 

Failing to understand the real reason for a symptom often compounds the illness, because trying to "fix" our "broken" bodies, personalities, hormones, etc can lead to new traumatic shocks (especially when we get a scary diagnosis). These new traumatic shocks trigger new special biological programs of Nature, in exactly the way that a computer bug will, over time, create increasing corruption and more computer bugs throughout the system.

I call this branching structure of one unresolved symptom leading to another and another, the "MindTree."


It's time to take a different approach.

To get and stay well, you need to have only one focus: resolve your special biological programs and support your body and mind in a return to the default feel-good condition.

In total, there are 5 Natural Laws of Healing which govern the way this happens. Discover this amazing restorative process for yourself now with my free Mind Over Symptom Training (6 lessons delivered to your e-mail inbox).

I created MindTree Health to help people master the "mind-body connection," by showing you how to use the 5 Natural Laws of Healing to understand, help, and ultimately resolve and complete these special biological programs of nature.

I also work with people 1:1 in online sessions using a communication technique called  the MindTree Integration ProcessTM to help access, disrupt, and resolve the traumatic shock experiences directly.

What Level of Support Do You Need?

I help people to achieve optimum wellness through online training and sessions that show you how your mind-body connection works, help you to identify and resolve your special biological programs, and provide you with tools for ongoing self-care.

Embark on the health and life transformation that's right for you by starting with a 20-minute Case Consult session. In this information-only session, you will discover the special biological programs of Nature that your symptoms are part of.

Ready to jump right in? Start dismantling your symptoms directly in a 90-minute Symptom-Clearing Session.

Case Consult Session

A 20-minute online session to explain the biological meaning of specific symptoms.


Symptom-Clearing Session

A 90-minute online session with the MindTree Integration Process™ to identify the source of your symptom and resolve it.


How Does the Session Work?

The MindTree Integration ProcessTM is a powerful communication technique used to resolve and clear your internal stress caused by unresolved trauma. Based on the 5 Natural Laws of Healing which form a scientific "map of the mind-body connection," in the session we:

  • discover what situation(s) your symptoms are a response to;
  • work out how different symptoms relate to one another;
  • understand whether each symptom is a response to an active stress, or is a "hanging healing" symptom from a program that you need to complete; and
  • actually shift and resolve the traumatic shock that's creating your symptom.

The 5 natural laws of healing show a direct correlation between the symptom, patterns in the brain, and the threatening situation you've experienced. This correlation exists in 100% of the tens of thousands of cases which have been documented to date.

Because the MindTree Integration ProcessTM resolves the unconscious program that's the source of the symptom (rather than creating more stress), it can help you to feel good very quickly.

You can begin to shift any symptom within 9 weeks. Many symptoms much sooner.