Why should getting healthy feel bad? (Hint: it shouldn't)

Healing should always feel good. Because health means "feeling good."

Being healthy, fit, disease-free, and energized is the body's natural default state.

So the key to healing - healing anything from overweight to cancer to mental illness - is to return your body and mind to a feel-good condition.

So why don't you feel great?

Because there's something in the way. Something that's making you feel not-so-great.

Every illness, emotional pain, weight problem, addiction, syndrome, or immune dysfunction is rooted in a personal trauma.

Release the trauma, and your symptom must dissolve. It's Law.

MindTree Health is a system to master this mind-body connection, so you can feel great ...no matter what your diagnosis or condition is.

MindTree Health is based in a completely different philosophy than conventional allopathic medicine and even most alternative medicines.

Many of these systems are based in the idea that disease is a result of bad things - like germs, genetics, or mechanical stress - happening to your body. This is a modern conceptualization of an ancient idea that illness is caused by evil spirits.

This model of health care is why the "cure" is so often worse than the disease:

  • diet restrictions
  • sedatives
  • chemotherapy
  • surgical intervention
  • behavioural controls
  • radiation treatments
  • immunosuppressants
  • metabolic intervention
  • hormone control

But these types of treatments don't make you feel good. They often make you feel bad.

This is why we avoid doing the things we've learned we "should" do to stay in shape and avoid serious illnesses like cancer.

This is also why, when we do get a serious diagnosis, it can spiral out of control and lead to more and more symptoms.

MindTree Health is totally different. MindTree Health is about pursuing healing by removing what's making you feel bad.

The system is based on a scientific map of the mind-body connection, combined with a powerful communication technique for resolving trauma.

The results are often very fast.

Using the 5 Natural laws of healing, you can shift any symptom within 9 weeks.

The typical approach to resolving health issues:

typical _healing_

The way to dissolve your symptom at its source:

MindTree Health #MindTreeIntegration(1)



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By understanding the real reason for your symptom (trauma or inner conflict), you can dissolve the biological programs that are making you tired, in pain, bummed out, and sick.

All symptoms - even life-threatening and "incurable" symptoms - can be shifted with the 5 Natural laws of healing.

You can create your perfect body ...and life.

From the INSIDE.

It all begins in your MindTree