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Create the Body YOU desire: MindTree Health helps smart, conscious people to dissolve any physical or emotional symptom at its source:
…your unconscious mind.


The MindTree: Key to Your Perfect Body…and Life

Illness, emotional pain, weight problems, addiction, syndromes, immune dysfunction – none of them are curable with either conventional or alternative intervention into our anatomy.

Diet, exercise, therapies, treatments… none of these has the power to create wellbeing for us. Many even have the potential to cause harm.

Because health, fitness, beauty, and vitality are not about what happens TO our bodies…
…they’re a result of what happens IN our minds.

When you know how to dissolve the real source of your symptom in your own mind, you can overcome it and produce natural wellness within 9 weeks.

Find out the basics in my free 8-video course, “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know (that Could Save Your Life)”

Learn about 5 Natural Laws that govern exactly how your illness is generated and healed in my short e-book, “The 5 Natural Laws of Healing: Cure the ‘Incurable’ and Heal Anything Today”

Or just book a session with me to annihilate your symptom at its source in about an hour, with the “Discover Your Symptom Source Session.”

Here’s the secret to stopping your symptom in 9 weeks (or less)

As your doctor knows, over 90% of illness is caused by “stress:”

Imperfect health is caused by STRESS

The CONVENTIONAL view – read on to discover why this is WRONG

But, while doctors are correct that stress causes illness… and, in fact, stress is the cause of illness 100% of the time! …doctors (and most alternative, holistic, and natural health practitioners) are WRONG about HOW stress causes illness. As a result, we end up:

  • working on our physical “stuff,” trying to build up our immunity, taking the therapy, doing the treatments …but that problem just won’t go away (because the physical symptom is a product of mental/emotional stress, which has not been cleared)
  • researching and trying all the remedies – natural AND conventional …but still having a sneaking suspicion that the REAL source is emotional (and knowing that truly addressing the emotional source WILL solve our symptom)
  • worrying that we’re unconsciously creating our symptom …but we’re just not sure how to stop

The Secret to Healing: “Stress” isn’t something that happens TO your body. “Stress” is something that happens IN your mind.

The reason that some people get sick while others who have come in contact with the sick person, who have consumed the same food and water, or were in the same stressful situation DON’T get sick is that, in order for stress to make us sick, we have to actually experience the stress.

Illness is not a direct result of physical stress on the brain and the body. 100% of illness is caused by our RESPONSE to PERCEIVED stress.

And our perception of stress is dependent on all the beliefs, concepts, prejudices, unresolved past conflicts, misunderstandings, and fear that act like programs in our unconscious minds. This collection of unconscious mental programs tells your brain that there is a danger in your environment, and your brain tells your body to respond to that danger by producing emergency response behaviours. These emergency response behaviours are what we experience as cancer, MS, mental illness, respiratory illness, allergies, ‘flu, heart disease, and each of the other thousands of illnesses noted in the medical books today.

I call these unconscious mental programs that make us sick,
“The MindTree.”

The MindTree is the collection of reactions and perceptions that act as “brain software,” prompting your brain to send signals to every cell in your body to tell them what to do.

If your unconscious mental programs are saying that there is a stress and trauma in your environment, your brain will signal your body to respond to that stress. You will experience this stress response as a physical or emotional symptom (or both).

Body symptoms are a response to perceived stress.

The TRUTH: stay healthy by changing your RESPONSE to PERCEIVED stress.

The interpretation of “stress” in our MindTree is the secret to why our brains and bodies are doing what they are doing. 

Using New Medicine principles, I have developed a series of powerful techniques which I call “the MindTree Integration Process™.” Within a 1.5-hour session over the phone or through videoconferencing, I am able to quickly find and help you to resolve the true source of your health symptom within your MindTree.

Book your Discover Your Symptom Source Session today …and not only can you reverse a chronic, scary, or frustrating health symptom, you’ll discover the meaning and purpose of that symptom in the process.

The key to solving symptoms permanently is not in our bodies or anything that we do to our bodies. It’s in the MindTree.

You CAN dissolve the unconscious mental programs that are making you tired, unattractive, in pain, bummed out, and sick …or even threatening your life.

You CAN create your perfect body …and LIFE.

From the INSIDE.

You can get started right now! But, since I created MindTree Health and the MindTree Integration Process™, you’ll have a very hard time finding the information you need anywhere other than here. So I’ve prepared a free 8-video course for you, an inexpensive e-book, or you can get my direct help in a “Discover Your Symptom Source Session.”

Everything “wrong” with your body and mood is a TOTALLY NATURAL (and appropriate) result of your MindTree.

Once we know how our unconscious mental programs are creating our physical and emotional problems, we can quickly and gently:

    • ACCESS our own unconscious mental programs
    • discover the ROOT SOURCE of any symptom or condition we don’t like
    • redirect, rewrite, or DISSOLVE that symptom, bad feeling, or condition

No matter how long things have been this way, as soon that perceived stress is cleared in our “brain software” (the MindTree), natural biological law automatically returns our entire system to a healthy, balanced state.

The process of clearing away perceived stress from the MindTree is faster than you can imagine. This is why “miracle healing” is always so fast: it happens at the speed of thought. Conventional treatment is slow (or, in many cases, never cures you at all) because it is attempting to heal the body by itself, without addressing the MindTree at all. Real healing is always fast.

With real healing – from inside the MindTree – our biggest challenge is to truly receive and appreciate all the joy, abundance, and possibility that becomes available when we don’t have our health-damaging unconscious mental programs anymore.

Even better, all the energy, attention, and worry that we were putting into what was “wrong” and “stressful” in our lives …will be totally freed up so that now we can focus on creating and enjoying a world that works for everyone.

I call this simple but powerful self-healing process the MindTree Integration Process™.

The MindTree Integration Process™ is particularly helpful for:

    • allergies
    • emotional pain such as chronic anger, self-doubt, rejection, lack of identity, lingering grief and sadness
    • chronic pain
    • recent major diagnosis (e.g. cancer, MS, depression, psychosis, diabetes)
    • recurring illness, conditions, “quirks”
    • weight problems
  • motion sickness
  • anxiety and phobias (especially fear about your own health)
  • addiction or a specific compulsive behaviour
  • syndromes and collections of symptoms that repeat in patterns
  • symptoms without any official diagnosis
  • helping children and pets to resolve challenges

    The MindTree Integration Process™ is even helpful for so-called contagious illnesses.

    Experience this rapid and enlightening healing process in a 1.5-hour Discover Your Symptom Source session with me, Lishui Springford.

    Lishui Springford

    Your Guide for Radical Self-Healing

    The Discover Your Symptom Source session is for you if:

    • you are a committed, conscious, goal-oriented person who has an unresolved physical or emotional health or fitness issue
    • you are aware of the mind-body connection, yet you’re still struggling with a health or fitness problem
    • you know that all physical experience originates from consciousness
    • perhaps you’re living with a diagnosis that conventional and even alternative healing systems have not been able to solve because it is considered to be “incurable,” or even “serious” – everything from immune problems and allergies and chronic, repeating illness …to cancer, autoimmune disease, degenerative disorder, psychiatric disorder, or genetic syndrome
    • you’re ready to create what conventional treatment might call a “medical miracle” by healing from WITHIN

    In the Discover Your Symptom Source session, you will:

        • skip the complex jargon and scary technological info to get directly to the true symptom and its effects
        • quickly understand exactly where your symptom is coming from and what is preventing it from healing
        • gain power over your MindTree …the real source of power over your body
        • know and be ready to implement the perfect strategy to dissolve your symptom or fitness issue for good
    MindTree Health Process

    The MindTree Integration Process™

    How the Discover Your Symptom Source session works:

            • the investment for this session is $297
            • before the session, I’ll send you a short explanation of the MindTree Integration Process™ and a brief, optional questionnaire to fill out to get us both ready for the Process.
            • the session is held over Skype, Google Video, or other video calling, or the phone. No commute or waiting room!
            • for 60-90 minutes, you and I look at your unconscious mental programs and the way they connect to your physical symptoms using the MindTree Integration Process™, which is a communication technique that keeps you anchored in a detached, analytical perspective on your own feelings and thoughts. This is very difficult to do on your own, but it is quite easy to do with the MindTree Integration Process™
            • 80% of the time, my clients reveal to me the traumatic experience which is creating their symptom within the first few minutes of the session. All clients find out at least the general cause of their symptom (general causes of every symptom are already known), allowing their specific cause to be revealed to them as an insight either during or soon after the Discover Your Symptom Source session.
            • Based on the natural function of the human mind, the communication style of the MindTree Integration Process™ is a pleasurable experience for most, and leaves you feeling lighter, unburdened, and with a new sense of clarity and direction.
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