Dear Conscious Co-Creator…

…are you – despite your awareness of the mind-body connection – STILL struggling to get to the root source of your physical symptoms?


  • have you worked on your “stuff,” done the training, taken the therapy …but that problem is still not released (because you haven’t gotten to the underlying trauma)?
  • have you researched all the alternatives and tried all the “natural remedies” …but you have a sneaking suspicion that the REAL source is emotional (and addressing THAT will solve your symptom)?
  • are you concerned that, perhaps, you are unconsciously creating your symptom …but you’re just not sure WHERE – or HOW – to start changing that?

You CAN dissolve the inner conflicts that are making you sick, awaken to who you really are, and skyrocket your happiness, agility, and vitality.

Let me explain…

Your mind – your thoughts and experiences – are structured as a tree. One idea branches into another and another.

Sometimes different branches of your MindTree work against each other, like incompatible, conflicting programs on a computer.

This conflict in your MindTree is the SOURCE of all your symptoms.

The MindTree Health Process is a communication technique that gives you access to your own MindTree, allowing you to climb down the tree to the ROOT SOURCE of symptoms …where you can dissolve them at their source. Once the conflict is cleared in your brain software (your mind or MindTree), biological law naturally and automatically returns your body to normal balance.

Experience this rapid and enlightening healing process in a 1.5-hour Discover Your Symptom Source session with me, Lishui Springford.

Lishui Springford

Your Guide for Radical Self-Healing

The Discover Your Symptom Source session is for you if:

  • you are a committed, conscious, goal-oriented person who has an unresolved physical or emotional health issue
  • you are aware of the mind-body connection, yet you’re still struggling with a health problem
  • you know that all physical experience originates from within – not from outside forces
  • you’re living with a diagnosis that conventional and even alternative healing systems have not been able to solve because it is considered to be “incurable,” or even “serious” – everything from immune problems and allergies and chronic, repeating illness …to cancer, autoimmune disease, degenerative disorder, psychiatric disorder, or genetic syndrome
  • you’re ready to create what conventional treatment might call a “medical miracle” by healing from WITHIN

In the Discover Your Symptom Source session, you will:

  • skip the complex jargon and scary technological info to get directly to the true symptom and its effects
  • quickly understand exactly where your symptom is coming from and what is preventing it from healing
  • gain power over your MindTree …the real source of power over your body
  • know and be ready to implement the perfect strategy to dissolve your symptom for good
MindTree Health Process

The MindTree Health Process

How the Discover Your Symptom Source session works:

  • the investment for this session is $297
  • before the session, I’ll send you a short explanation of the MindTree Health Process and a brief, optional questionnaire to fill out to get us both ready for the Process.
  • the session is held over Skype, Google Video, or other video calling, or the phone. No commute!
  • for 60-90 minutes, you and I look at your mind system using the MindTree Health Process, which is a communication technique that keeps you anchored in a detached, analytical perspective on your own feelings and thoughts. This is very difficult to do on your own, but it is quite easy to do with the MindTree Health process
  • the communication style of the MindTree Health Process is a pleasurable experience for most, and leaves you feeling lighter, unburdened, and with a new sense of clarity and direction
  • the amount of focused attention means that I am only able to offer a few of these sessions each month based on my review of your session application. If I am not able to work with you, I will give you suggestions of other sources which can support you until I am able to offer you a session.
  • pay for your session only at time of booking, after your application has been approved.
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